Network Interface Device (NID)

A Network Interface Device or NID, is equipment provided by Verizon that connects your inside wiring to our network for access to dial tone.

Testing your connection with the Network Interface Device (NID)

If you’re having an issue with your phone, you can quickly determine if the problem is related to your inside or outside wiring by testing your NID. To get started, you’ll need a insulated screwdriver, a telephone to connect to the NID, a flashlight, and a copy of this procedure.

Note: Although the lines are grounded, do not open the NID or test the lines during rain, a thunderstorm, other hazardous weather conditions, or if there is water pooled on the ground near the NID.

If there is no dial tone

The problem is with your outside wiring. Unplug the phone, plug in the voice line, close the cover to the NID, and replace the screw.

Additional support is always available using our Guided Solutions Tool to diagnose your telephone's problem and request a repair if an issue is detected.