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No Internet connection?

Learn about ways to solve common Internet connection issues. Use our Guided Solutions Tool to quickly find your home Wi-Fi information, get help connecting more devices to your network or resolve troubles with your router. You can also check your router for more details on how to resolve issues you may be experiencing with your connection.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Check your router setup

  • Here are some steps to check your router's set up:

    Router cable configuration


    1. Take a look on the back of the router and make sure that the cable coming from the wall has been plugged into the white Ethernet/WAN port.
    2. If you have TV service with Verizon, be sure the coax is screwed in.
    3. Make sure that any devices connected to the router (like TVs, computers, gaming systems, etc.) are plugged into the yellow LAN ports.
    4. Check that the router’s WAN light is on. You can find it on the front or lower back depending on your router.
  • How do I fix issues with my Wi-Fi connection?

  • Here are a few top solutions that can help resolve Wi-Fi connection issues.

    Wi-Fi connection appears slow or spotty

    Check helpful tips on how to resolve slow or intermittent connections. You can also use our Guided Solutions Tool to help diagnose and fix the issue you may be experiencing.

    Fix connection

    Learn tips

    Home Wi-Fi name isn’t showing on my device

    Make sure you did not accidentally disable Wi-Fi access for that device. Learn how to enable or disable Wi-Fi access to a device via Parental Controls.

    Manage Wi-Fi Access

    Forgot Wi-Fi password

    If you forgot your Wi-Fi password you can find your home wireless network name (SSID) and password (WPA2) on your router’s label. You can also find your password online in My Verizon or in the My Fios app. This is helpful if you customized your password. Learn more about how-to find your Wi-Fi password.

    Find password

    Note: If the Wi-Fi credentials have been changed at any point, the information on the label will be invalid.

  • How do I fix a connection issue with Verizon High Speed Internet (DSL)?

  • Turning your router off and on solves most connection issues:

    1. Unplug your router
    2. Wait one minute
    3. Plug your router back in
    4. Attempt to connect to the internet

    If rebooting your router didn't solve the issue, check your DSL hardware to determine if your router is connected to the internet.

    Note: If you have Verizon HSI service, check to make sure you installed filters on all phone devices, including fax machines and answering machines, and make sure you do not have a filter between your phone jack and router.

    For more details, refer to your installation guide.

    Download installation guide

Rebooting your Fios Router

How to reboot your Verizon Fios Router

Check your router cables

How to check your Verizon Fios router cables

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