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Verizon Internet Security Suite Multi Device Installation and Activation

Before you install: Purchase a Verizon Internet Security Suite Multi-Device Plan.

Install VISS: Download VISS.

VISS Installation Guides (PDF):

Setting Up Verizon Internet Security Suite

VISS Installation Quick Steps:

  • How do I install Verizon Internet Security Suite Multi-Device? (Windows and Mac)

    1. Purchase a VISS Plan from the Verizon Shop Web Site.
      • During the purchase process, make sure you accept the Terms of Services on the Order Activation page.
      • At the end of the purchase process, you'll be prompted to download VISS. You'll also receive the download link via a confirmation email or you can login to Manage Broadband Essentials and Extras later (See step 2).
    2. Download VISS
      • Click Download Now. Then click Run in our browser security window/pop-up.
      • The Verizon Download Manager should launch. Follow prompts to launch download. Confirm that the product has successfully downloaded on the 'Product Download Results' Page.
      • Click Launch Now to launch VISS

    How to download VISS on smartphone/tablet

    1. Visit your VISS Security Dashboard
    2. Click the plus ('+') sign in the tabs across the top to Add a Device.
    3. Follow prompts to select type of device and email OR text download link to your device.

    Note: Available for Android smartphones/tablets only. iOS is not currently supported.

Activate VISS:

  • How do I activate Verizon Internet Security Suite (VISS)?

  • After you order VISS, you'll download and install VISS. At the end of the installation process, VISS will be automatically activated and will begin providing automatic threat updates to your computer. If VISS didn't automatically activate or activation failed:

    1. Double-click the v-lock icon on your desktop. VISS will automatically attempt to activate your software.
    2. To get additional licenses, upgrade to VISS Multi-Device for unlimited licenses on all your computers and Android smartphones/tablets. If you don?t want to order additional licenses, uninstall VISS from one computer and re-install VISS on another. After you re-start your computer after VISS installation, you are automatically prompted to activate VISS.

    Note: If you don't authenticate VISS, you can still use all VISS features, however; your computer will remain vulnerable to new computer threats.