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Verizon 5G Edge Discovery Service

The Verizon Edge Discovery Service API enables you to optimize your 5G Edge applications.

The 5G Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) Performance API

Get the most recent data for different KPIs like network availability, MEC hostnames, downlink data throughput, uplink data throughput and many more.

Cloud Storage

AWS Wavelength offers the key services you need to build your application at the network edge today.  Think of having the cloud in your back pocket. Edge computing enables cloud servers to run closer to endpoints, reducing latency and speeding local processing.

Cloud Connector

The ThingSpace Cloud Connector API lets customers securely stream data from devices on ThingSpace to remote servers or to accounts hosted by trusted cloud service providers.

Device Diagnostics

The Device Diagnostics API lets you troubleshoot the connectivity of IoT devices.

Connectivity Management

The ThingSpace Connectivity Management API allows you to add and activate devices, check their status, monitor their usage, monitor their reachability for Data and SMS communication as well as their connection status, and perform other device connectivity management tasks through a RESTful API.

Device Messaging

Use simple API requests to send JSON-formatted data from your devices to, and to get the data into your applications. You can also send messages from your application to devices, and view data from in easy-to-build dashboards.

Device Location

The Device Location API lets you find the location of IoT devices in an account. You can use a device’s location for many purposes.


SIM-Secure for IoT binds SIMs to devices, safeguarding data usage and access to corporate networks. As your connected systems grow, so does your exposure to risk of SIM card misuse. SIM-Secure for IoT takes on the burden of securing the SIM of each device that connects to your network.

Software Management

The ThingSpace Software Management Services API lets customers manage, schedule, and distribute software updates to eligible 4G and 5G Internet of Things (IoT) devices already deployed in the field. This allows devices–even those in inaccessible locations–to be upgraded easily, reducing the need for site visits and truck rolls.