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Verizon Privacy Policies

The Verizon privacy policy applies when you interact with us or use services we offer to customers in the United States.

Verizon Privacy Policy Summary

Full Verizon Privacy Policy

California Privacy Rights

Verizon Privacy Dashboard

Fios Privacy Policy

International Privacy Centre

Our International Privacy Centre applies when you interact with us or use services we offer to customers outside of the United States.

International Privacy Centre

Apps and services

Our apps and services privacy policies apply in addition to our Verizon privacy policy when you use these services.



Smart Family


Wild and Seek

Care Smart

Advanced Messaging

Replica App

Senion Install

Subsidiary companies

Separate privacy policies apply for some of our subsidiary companies.




State Privacy Rights

Some state laws provide additional privacy rights to residents.











Health Privacy Notice


Separate privacy notices apply for additional offerings.

Mobile Device Installment Plan

Automated License Plate Recognition

Here's a summary of our Privacy Policy.

We are committed to strong and meaningful privacy protections. Our Privacy Policy details the information we collect, how we use and share it, and the choices you have about certain uses and sharing of information we have about you.  We’ve summarized key elements of the policy here for your convenience.

What information does Verizon collect?

We collect information you provide to us, about your use of our products and services and about your interactions with us. We also collect information about how our network and your devices are working, including the location of your wireless devices. We also obtain information about you from other companies, such as credit, demographic and interest information. Learn more

How does Verizon use information?

We use information to provide you with services and enhance your experiences with us. This includes delivering and maintaining your products, services, and your account and billing records; developing new products and services; personalizing your experiences; and delivering marketing offers to you. Learn more

Does Verizon share my information?

We share information within Verizon, with service providers and with others. 

We share information within Verizon including with our affiliates; with service providers who perform work on our behalf; and with others as described in this policy including for fraud prevention, directory assistance, legal compliance, credit and collections, caller id, and certain advertising purposes. We also respond to legal requests and may share information with your consent. Learn more

Does Verizon have programs that allow other companies to use information about me?

We have optional programs that allow Verizon and third parties to show you advertisements that are more personalized and useful to you or to help third parties verify your identity. Another program develops insights by analyzing de-identified customer information and reporting on aggregate behaviors. Learn more

What choices do I have about uses of my information?

You have choices about how Verizon reaches you with marketing and whether certain types of information may be shared within Verizon for marketing purposes. You also have choices about whether your information may be used for our advertising and insights programs, for verification purposes, and for certain uses of device information where applicable. You also have a choice about whether our websites and apps may share information for certain targeted advertising purposes. Learn more

How does Verizon protect my information, and how do I update my account details?

We have a variety of safeguards in place to help protect your information against unauthorized access, use or disclosure. You can also access and update information we have about you and delete certain information we have. Learn more 

Do I have specific rights under privacy laws in the United States?

You may have additional rights under the Cable Act and state laws, including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Nevada, Utah and Virginia privacy laws. Learn more

How do I learn about changes to this privacy policy?

We periodically update our privacy policy. We provide a brief summary of these updates when we make them. If we change the way we use or disclose information that identifies you in a way that is materially different from what was stated in our privacy policy at the time the information was collected, you will be given an opportunity to update your choices about the new use or disclosure. View Recent Changes

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