API Reference

API Scope

API requests are separated into the following:

  • Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) Edge discovery - Find optimal 5G Edge platforms for your applications
  • MEC service discovery - Find optimal Edge Application Servers for client applications to connect to
  • MEC services management - register, retrieve, update and delete Edge Application Servers
  • MEC service profile management - register, retrieve, update and delete MEC application service profiles



These terms are used in the API description:

  • ERN - An Edge Resource Name is a string identifier for a set of edge resources.
  • UEIdentity - A unique identifier for a specific piece of User Equipment, which can be IP address, MSISDN, IMEI, MDN, or GPSI.
  • Density - Minimum 4G/5G subscriber density in a geographical area, represented as number of subscribers per square kilometers.
  • Region - A string identifier representing a certain geographical or logical area where MEC resources and services are provided.
  • Service Profile - Information about the resource requirements and service characteristics of an edge application.
  • FQDN - Fully Qualified Domain Name. This is the entire Universal Resource Locator (URL) including http or https. In EDS service registry APIs, the customer calling the API needs to set FQDN for their edge app server endpoint. If a VESA MEC customer intends to utilize Verizon’s MEC DNS server for traffic steering, they should specify their edge app server URL in the following format (using a gaming app for example). The URL for their edge app server endpoint should be specified as  gamingapp.edge.5gedge.verizon.com
  • URI - Universal Resource Identifier. The identifier of a specific resource (as opposed to a URL which is how to get to a resource).

Quick Reference

This API quick reference is organized by functional area:

5G Edge Discovery
HTTP Request Description
GET /mecplatforms Find the optimal 5G Edge platforms based on a combination of service profile, region, or subscriber equipment.
GET /regions Outputs a list of all regions in the Verizon 5G Edge service.

Service Discovery
HTTP Request Description
GET /serviceendpoints Find optimal edge application server endpoints for a client device to connect to.

Service Registry
HTTP Request Description
POST /serviceendpoints Register the routable service endpoints of a deployed application to a 5G Edge platform.
GET /serviceendpointsall List all of the Service Endpoint IDs for a specific API key.
GET /serviceendpoints/{serviceEndpointsId} Get the routable endpoints of a registered serviceEndpointsId.
PUT /serviceendpoints/{serviceEndpointsId} Update routable endpoint information for a specified serviceEndpointsId.
DELETE /serviceendpoints/{serviceEndpointsId} Deregister (delete) routable endpoints from a 5G Edge platform.
Service Profiles
HTTP Request Description
POST /serviceprofiles Create a service profile that describes the resource requirements of an application.
GET /serviceprofiles Get all service profiles for an API key.
GET /serviceprofiles/{serviceProfileId} Get an individual service profile.
PUT /serviceprofiles/{serviceProfileId} Update a service profile.
DELETE /serviceprofiles/{serviceProfileId} Deregister (delete) a service profile.