5G developer FAQs

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General Information

Where is AWS Wavelength available today and which services are supported?

5G Edge and AWS Wavelength are available in a growing number of cities across the country. You can now build applications at the network edge across seven Wavelength Zones in:

  • Atlanta (us-east-1-wl1-atl-wlz-1)
  • Boston (us-east-1-wl1-bos-wlz-1)
  • Dallas (us-east-1-wl1-dfw-wlz-1)
  • Denver (us-west-2-wl1-den-wlz-1)
  • Las Vegas (us-west-2-wl1-las-wlz-1)
  • Miami (us-east-1-wl1-mia-wlz-1)
  • New York City (us-east-1-wl1-nyc-wlz-1)
  • San Francisco Bay Area (us-west-2-wl1-sfo-wlz-1)
  • Seattle (us-west-2-wl1-sea-wlz-1)
  • Washington, DC (us-east-1-wl1-was-wlz-1)

Visit the latest Wavelength FAQs for more information.

Networking and  Troubleshooting

Is there a coverage map for which 5G Edge cities are live? 

Yes! Check out our 5G Nationwide and, 5G Ultra Wideband connectivity as well as our 5G Edge cities on a single pane-of-glass. Visit our Coverage Map and select 5G Edge cities for business in the bottom-left corner to learn more. 
Does 5G Edge support 5G and 4G connections? What about 5G Nationwide? 
AWS Wavelength Zones support 4G, 5G, and CAT-M IoT connections from VZ clients. 
Can internet traffic reach my Wavelength Zone? 
No; Application (HTTP/HTTPS) traffic originating from the internet will be blocked with exception to ICMP traffic. However, TCP traffic originating from the Wavelength Zone can reach both the carrier network and the internet. A TCP/UDP request from WL to the RAN is not allowed. It must be initiated by a mobile phone. 
How do I ssh into my WL instance if traffic from internet to WL zone is blocked? 
In a terminal window, you can use the ssh (Secure Shell) command from a laptop tethered to a mobile device or a) use a bastion host in the parent region or b) attach an IAM role to your instance to use Session Manager as part of AWS Systems Manager. To learn more, check out the Systems Manager documentation.
Is IPv6 supported in Wavelength Zones today? 
IPv6 is not supported in Wavelength Zones today.


What can I use in place of AWS Elastic Load Balancing to automatically distribute incoming application traffic across multiple targets, such as Amazon EC2 instances?

Consider using Amazon EC2 as a proxy server and configuring HAProxy, a free, open source software implementation of a high availability load balancer. To learn more about HAProxy, visit the HAProxy configuration manual here.

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How can I learn more about identifying application candidates for 5G Edge migration, edge application migration strategy & cloud architecture development?

Connect with the Verizon 5G Edge team here.