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Use existing cloud infrastructure platforms to provision and manage cloud resources at the mobile network edge to support ultra-low latency applications.

Think of having the cloud in your back pocket.

5G Edge is our multi-access edge computing (MEC) platform that enables cloud servers to run closer to endpoints, reducing latency and speeding up local processing.

Why 5G Edge

Mobile-first solution in a city near you

Harness the best experiences of the Verizon 5G Nationwide and Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband networks*
  • Ultrafast speeds that can exceed 1 Gbps on 5G Ultra Wideband
  • Advanced security to protect your critical workloads

Deeply integrated with your cloud computing environments

  • Extend your existing cloud environments to the edge of our mobile network
  • Enjoy a simplified experience; no need to tackle the underlying complexities of the network itself

* 5G Ultra Wideband available only in parts of select cities. 5G Nationwide available in 2,700+ cities.

Powering ultra-immersive mobile experiences


Leverage ultra-low latency compute for machine learning (ML) assisted diagnostics, telehealth sessions and remote patient monitoring.


Reduce reliance on purpose-built gaming consoles to enable gaming on the go.


Drive factory floor efficiencies with near real-time predictive maintenance and quality control.

Deploy, manage, and orchestrate your edge environment

Using 5G Edge, developers can extend their existing cloud environments to include our edge zones and leverage APIs to simplify your device management and connectivity to the edge endpoints.


Edge cloud infrastructure is a major building block of ultra-low latency applications. Use Amazon Web Services® (AWS®) Wavelength to instantiate your cloud infrastructure at the edge of our mobile network in cities across the U.S. Visit to find a 5G Edge zone near you.

Edge Discovery

For applications that have a geo-distributed footprint, let Verizon take care of finding the closest, most performant 5G Edge zone—no matter where your clients are. Our client-facing APIs can call the service registry and dynamically determine where a client device is located relative to your application footprint.

Device Management

Leverage our device management APIs for your IoT deployments to add, activate and suspend service for devices; check connection status; monitor usage; locate devices; and update firmware over the air. The APIs can be used to add device and connectivity management to anything from small apps to enterprise software systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management and customer service management.

You can work with your own devices or visit ThingSpace IoT Marketplace to explore compatible IoT modules and hardware development kits from leading vendors, including Clover, Avnet, Nordic and Telit.

Become a Partner

  • Partner with Verizon on and harness the power of 5G Edge; where the cloud meets the network
  • Go to market support for partner solutions
  • Partners will get support in architecting, deploying, managing and maintaining solutions on Verizon's 5G Edge
  • Co-marketing with Verizon
  • Benefit from the awareness built around the ecosystem of partners leveraging and benefiting from Verizon 5G Edge
  • Automated lead generation sent directly to your organization

Partner Criteria

  • Out of the box product, targeting a specific use-case, with pricing
  • Solution integration with Verizon 5G Edge

Partnering Opportunities

  • The 5G Edge Partner Program offers several ways to partner with Verizon. Partner membership is based around the go to market relationship:
    • Sell with where partners and Verizon collaborate in selling 5G Edge enabled solutions
    • Resell where partner solutions are integrated into Verizon 5G Edge solutions


Learn how to deploy your first 5G Edge application via AWS CLI, Boto SDK, or AWS CloudFormation.

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Learn how to deploy a 5G Edge application via AWS Command Line Interface, the Boto3 software development kit (SDK) or AWS CloudFormation.

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