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Use existing cloud infrastructure platforms to provision and manage cloud resources at the mobile network edge to support ultra-low latency applications.

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5G Edge is our multi-access edge computing (MEC) platform that enables cloud servers to run closer to endpoints, reducing latency and speeding up local processing.

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Powering ultra-immersive mobile experiences


Leverage ultra-low latency compute for machine learning (ML) assisted diagnostics, telehealth sessions and remote patient monitoring.


Reduce reliance on purpose-built gaming consoles to enable gaming on the go


Drive factory floor efficiencies with near real-time predictive maintenance and quality control


Learn how to deploy your first 5G Edge application via AWS CLI, Boto SDK, or AWS CloudFormation.

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Learn how to deploy your first 5G Edge application via AWS CLI, Boto SDK, or AWS CloudFormation


Edge cloud infrastructure is a major building block of ultra-low latency applications. Use Amazon Web Services® (AWS®) Wavelength to instantiate your cloud infrastructure at the edge of our mobile network in cities across the U.S.

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5G Edge Partners page is a showcase of technology partners that are leveraging 5G Edge, 5G Wireless, or Private Networking to deliver cutting edge solutions

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