Taqtile’s Manifest is an enterprise SaaS platform that leverages augmented reality (AR) for knowledge capture and sharing. Manifest will harness, distribute, and apply what you know and give deskless workers instant virtual access to, and step-by-step guidance from, your most experienced technicians and trainers anywhere, anytime.


Flawless Workflows, Everywhere, Every time

Digital transformation of organizations’ operations continues to accelerate but silos of excellence and expertise continue to exist. Leveraging AR, cloud computing, and LTE/5G networks, Manifest removes these silos with a single platform. Manifest enables flawless operational workflows everywhere and every time by aggregating these critical components of your operational systems so that jobs get done faster and better:

  1. Procedures
    Experts document procedures. Workers execute them. Management evaluates results and performance leading to continuous improvement.
  2. People
    Regardless of skill level and experience, institutional knowledge, expert assistance, and team collaboration is enabled and available – whenever it is needed.
  3. Places
    Traditional physical barriers disappear. Work gets done at the same speed and quality regardless of individual, team, or equipment locations.
  4. Machines
    Workers interact with equipment, sensor, and IoT data in real-time and then data is integrated with enterprise-wide systems for archiving and analysis.



Manifest helps individuals, teams and organizations get their jobs done faster, more accurately, and more consistently which results in:

Reduce errors and scrap
Perform operational tasks more accurately and more consistently to increase quality and avoid mistakes that lead to scrapped product and more manufacturing runs.

Lower downtime
Complete maintenance tasks faster and more accurately to keep equipment and facilities in better shape.

Perform more accurate inspections
Structured guidance ensure that inspections are done consistently across individuals, teams, and locations and any issues found are captured, reported, and resolved.

Faster troubleshooting and times to resolution
Provide guidance for non-linear workflows to help technicians diagnose and resolve unplanned issues faster.

Decrease on-boarding and training times
Provide hands-on, immersive training and instruction remotely or at the equipment to facilitate comprehension and increase knowledge retention.

Increase safety
Step-by-step instructions ensure that critical steps are not missed or skipped. AR headsets frees up hands to make for a safer way to work on equipment in many environments.

Decrease support costs and travel
Connect your experts to less experienced workers or your customers to provide augmented guidance and support regardless of location.

Force multiplier
By providing workers and teams instant access to knowledge and expertise, everyone becomes an expert and more is accomplished with less people.

Continuous improvements
Collect and integrate job performance data by equipment, location, teams and individuals to create a continuous feedback loop for process and procedural improvements.

Features and key components

Manifest aggregates people, places, procedures and machines to help your workforce complete jobs faster and more consistently.


Easily harness and capture the knowledge of your experts

  • Easy and fast start with minimal configuration
  • No coding, development, CAD, or consultants needed
  • On-the-job and in situ authoring on many different types of devices

Powerful and flexible platform to distribute your experts’ knowledge where and how you want

  • Supports multi-cloud, hybrid, on-premise, and 5G/MEC deployments
  • Supports HoloLens, Magic Leap, RealWear, Android mobile devices, iPads, and Chrome browsers
  • Built-in integration with IoT sensor data to provide workers real-time data within their field of view
  • Open API to integrate with any backend enterprise system of record including MES, ERP, LMS, field service systems

Apply expert knowledge to help workers complete jobs and training more consistently and accurately

  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions augmented with AR, 3D models, videos, photos, and digital documents
  • Work online or offline
  • Capture complete job performance history by equipment, location, individuals and teams
  • Require workers to submit video, audio or text notes for evidence of job completion and accuracy
  • Assign jobs and procedures to teams and multiple workers
  • Connect experts with workers with integrated connectivity and collaboration capabilities to enable audio and video chats, “see-what-I-see” video sharing, and AR holographic guidance and direction



Manifest can run on HoloLens, Magic Leap and RealWear headsets. It also supports Android mobile devices and the iPad and will run within a Chrome browser.

By default, Manifest is a hosted solution, and each customer has a unique tenant. However, the solution can be deployed completely on-premise or within a public or private 5G Edge architecture.

Yes. For secure or remote deployments, Manifest was designed to work on and offline. Content can be created and used offline. Operational data will be stored locally and can be transferred when connectivity is re-established.

Existing / Featured deployments

Verizon components

  • 5G Nationwide
  • 5G Ultra Wideband 
  • 5G Edge