We are focused on powering the next generation of immersive video experiences. YBVR’s tech brings live event emotions closer to fans at homes or on the move through a personalized, immersive and interactive experience, making you feel like you are there from anywhere. YBVR provides a turnkey solution for live streaming of XR video in real-time with premium user experiences across devices.




Next level of fan engagement
New video-centric immersive use cases with superior quality and unparalleled interactivity at reasonable bitrates and ultra-low lag.

Drive new revenue streams
Subscription based, sponsorship/branding, or in new format through Virtual Tickets. Data-rich experience analytics suite.

Peace of mind deployment
End-to-end turn key solution for each of the key moments of a live stream: contribution, processing, distribution, and consumption.

Network optimized live streaming
Various unique technologies making it possible to give users unique video experiences, and deliver the video optimized for any available bandwidth condition in the viewer’s direction and perspective of choice.

Features and key components

The patented technology enables watching real-time live events in XR like never before:


  • Streaming with high resolution & platform support: Multi-Cam / Viewing at 8K@60fps, OTT & Real-Time (Latency <1sec), 5G & MEC Enabled, Cloud-Based Processing, Bandwidth Optimized, E2E Controlled (low- or zero footprint at site)
  • Immersive user experiences through personalized multi-viewing (Director’s Chair) across devices, instant camera change, immersive replays (putting the “fan-in-control") and enriched stats experience.
  • Multi-device support on a single platform: Mobile / tablet devices (Android, iOS), VR (Oculus Quest, Pico, HTC), AR (Nreal), Web client (PC, Mac). SDK or white-label app for all devices
  • New camera perspectives and fan-controlled viewing angles from nearly unlimited amount of cameras
  • Any combination of videos of various types - immersive 360º/ 180º or regular “flat” video, 2D or 3D


YBVR technology enables the customer to enjoy a live event from different viewpoints at any given time (e.g.: different 360, or 180 cameras in a match or a concert) seamlessly without any interruption in the video or audio, zero-buffering.

It’s a feature which turns every fan into their own director, allowing them to change the camera and watch the same action from different perspectives, always fully time synchronized so they don't miss a thing. It's also known as the “Fan-in-Control” experience.

YBVR offers a turn-key solution for live and VOD immersive streaming experiences with superior high quality and low bandwidth requirements, including the audiovisual production with low or zero in-arena footprint, streaming in OTT or in low latency (<1 sec) and across devices - all from a single platform.

Yes. YBVR has the knowledge and has been doing a lot of production from small to big events. YBVR also has partners who are experts in production, who can be engaged depending on the deployment.

A typical production contains a combination of immersive 180 and 360 degree cameras along with 8 broadcast live feeds which are received directly from the production truck. YBVR ensures that all cameras are fully time synced. The live feeds can be provided from TV broadcast cameras, helmet cameras, referee cameras or drone feeds. 

Sports leagues, teams, broadcasters, and media/content rights owners among others.

Existing / Featured deployments

  • 40+ global live events - sports, concerts, opera, e-sports
  • 1000+ hours of immersive 8K and multi camera streaming

Verizon components

  • 5G Ultra Wideband 
  • 5G Edge 

Solution Brief