Verizon brings communications
to 600-bed Kentucky field hospital.

Technology was quickly installed to
help patients and medical teams stay
connected during a challenging time.


  • In response to the COVID-19 emergency, the state of Kentucky decided to open a field hospital in the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville 
  • The state needed rugged, secure and reliable communications in the hospital to allow communications with outside emergency managers as well as internal staff
  • Reliable communications were also needed to allow patients access to loved ones who can’t visit


  • A Verizon manager tours the field hospital to determine needs
  • The manager provides a Mobile Command Center (MCC) with two One Talk–compatible phones and a 4G LTE router from Connected Solutions Group (CSG)
  • The project also includes 9 smartphones, 20 flip phones, 17 tablets and 6 Inseego BPC100 devices for data
  • Verizon and CSG deliver this mobile command post in just 48 hours


  • Kentucky National Guard and Air National Guard medical teams will have the voice and data communications needed to accomplish their missions
  • Patients will be able to use the provided phones to stay in contact with loved ones
  • The rugged, mobile command post weighs just 47 pounds and has wheels for mobility
  • A built-in battery can supply ample power for an extended period if needed


One Talk–compatible desk phones and router in a mobile command center


to deliver complete mobile command post solution


flip phones for patients

How we built the solution

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