Mobile Command Center

More reliable mobile networks help you provide improved
connectivity to manage all your operations.

  • Get rugged, more reliable and portable connectivity support.

  • When you work on the go in remote or potentially harsh environments, you need a quick, reliable way to communicate. Mobile Command Center (MCC) from Verizon tech partner Connected Solutions Group (CSG) helps your field staff work untethered at the edge of wireless networks.

Mobile Command Center is best for:

  • Cement truck


    Construction workers who need to connect contractors, work crews and vendors, while streamlining project management


  • Energy and utilities


    Utilities and energy employees who want to keep tabs on dispersed assets, enhance team collaboration and improve resource management


  • Healthcare


    Healthcare providers and caregivers who provide on-the-go services in remote areas or who are called upon to respond during outages or emergencies


  • Technician using tablet while working on solar panels.

    What is it?

    MCC provides on-the-go workforces, emergency response teams and field service employees with a solution to improve the reliability of mobile communications and network connectivity, using the Verizon network.

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    How does it help you?

    Built for rapid and rugged deployments, MCC helps deliver a way to communicate more dependably with better reception capabilities and stronger connectivity to help you get the job done with a cost-effective, scalable solution. 

Features and benefits

  • Mobility

    Get rugged equipment that goes where you do.

  • Connectivity

    Stay connected on-the-go with the powerful Verizon network.

  • Readiness

    Rely on an easily deployable communications tool that’s built to last.

  • On-demand service

    MCC is a communications solution in a compact, portable box.

  • Durability

    An IP-67-rated mobile case offers weatherproof and drop-resistant durability.

  • Long-lasting battery

    All product types have long-lasting batteries from 11,000–64,000 mAh.

  • Improved coverage

    An integrated high-gain antenna array can help deliver faster speeds and wider coverage without the risk associated with delicate stick and paddle antennas.

  • Mobile Command Center products

  • See which MCC product is best for your organization’s needs.

  • Mobile Command Center Mini

    Mobile Command Center Mini

    The Mobile Command Center Mini is recommended for up to 10 users* and is equipped with:

    • A weatherproof, drop-resistant mobile case
    • An integrated router
    • A long-lasting 11,000 mAh battery
    • A built-in, high-gain antenna to help deliver faster speeds and wider coverage
    • External waterproof charging and data ports
    • Heavy-duty plastic internals to provide anti-shock protection to the router and battery

    *MCC Mini Advanced is recommended to support 10-25 users


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  • Mobile Command Center 2.0

    Mobile Command Center 2.0

    The Mobile Command Center 2.0 is recommended for more than 25 users and is equipped with:

    • A weatherproof, drop-resistant mobile case
    • Two Yealink One Talk-compatible desktop phones
    • Standard 64,000 mAh battery
    • External weatherproof charging and data ports
    • Appropriate router provided with MCC unit
    • Interior LED lighting for nighttime operation
    • Convenient TSA-compliant wheel-behind case


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Valuable resources and information

  • Healthcare worker using tablet while in clinic.
  • MCC for construction

    Keeping all the moving parts in sync at a construction site requires close coordination, communication and remote access to important information. That’s where MCC can help.

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  • MCC for energy and utilities

    Whether work is performed at a substation, water management facility, drilling pad or pipeline, MCC can help your field crews work untethered.

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  • MCC for healthcare

    More reliable mobile networks help you provide continuous, connected patient care, like assisting patients in a medical outreach program, targeting underserved populations or mobilizing to respond to an emergency.

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