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Since its founding, Houston has been a city where people come to thrive. Now, as the city continues to grow at record pace, Houston needs the power of reliable connectivity and innovative technology to continue to support its citizens.

At Verizon, our local team has a native understanding of Houston's needs — ​and a personal love of the city. We’ve been with you through thick and thin — hurricanes, pandemics, and Superbowls — and we take pride in partnering with homegrown businesses. With our strong presence and evolving technological support, Verizon is a partner you can depend on.​ After all, we’re Houstonians, too.

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of network facilities

remained operational during Hurricane Harvey.

Here for Houston.

First responders count on resilient networks to get the job done.

When Hurricane Harvey engulfed Texas in 2017, Verizon put our networks, equipment, and people at the backs of your first responders. To aid in recovery efforts, we brought in 200+ network professionals, 3,305 consumer devices, and over 80,000 gallons of fuel.

Our commitment to your first responders remains strong — learn more about how we help put Houston in a secure and productive position for emergency services.

Evolving solutions.

The City of Houston has big goals — and we have big solutions. Learn more about how we can support the community that serves the City of Houston. 

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Push to Talk Plus

Communicate quickly, and with more people, at the push of a button.

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One Talk Plus

Stay connected with one number for both your smartphones and deck phones.

houston mdm

Mobile Device Management

Simplify how you manage devices and protect sensitive data.

houston wireless priority service

Wireless Priority Service (WPS)

Receive special voice priority when reliable communications are essential.  Available by request through DHS. 

houston mobile broadband priority

Mobile Broadband Priority

Get voice and data priority when your organization or agency needs it most.

houston preemption


Keep first responder communications connected during emergencies. Available at no additional cost.

houston 5g internet

5G Business Internet

Rely on ultra-fast internet connectivity for your organization. 

Group of firefighters on-scene communicating with each other

LTE Business Internet

Extend your connectivity footprint with fast, reliable internet service that’s easy to deploy. 

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Network as a Service (NaaS)

Make your network agile to help enhance its performance and prepare your organization for the future. 

houston phelan sm

Steve Phelan, ESP Enterprises

We teamed up to install and maintain critical communications equipment for vital infrastructure, from first responders to government offices. 

houston norwood sm

LaToshia Norwood, L’Renee & Associates

To meet post-COVID staff onboarding, we assisted with a large-scale deployment of devices and technologies, together.

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Theresa Black,
Virtuo Group

Together, we transitioned thousands of devices to a secure network.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Verizon is dedicated to building a supply chain as diverse as the communities we serve.

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