How to connect your audio amplifier device to your Fios remote control using remote codes

Your Fios remote control and set-top box are programmed when you receive them. Once your set-top box and TV are connected, use your Fios remote to program it to your TV.

With your TV turned on, press:

  • Menu Customer Support > Top Support Tools > Program Fios Remote, press OK and follow the prompts on your TV screen

Note: DRC800 Fios remote must be programmed using the steps in the user guide. Use the same steps if you need to reprogram your remotes.

To buy a new remote visit the Fios Equipment & Accessories Store.

Looking to program your remote control? Follow these steps.
  • 1.
    Turn on the device you want to program your remote to
  • 2.
    Press and hold the appropriate device button and press OK
  • 3.
    Release both buttons and the device buttons will blink twice
  • 4.
    Enter the remote code for the device, the device button will blink three times.
  • 5.
    Point the remote at the device and press the Power button, and your device should turn off. This confirms it is programmed!