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Mobile Security Index
2021 Report

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    No longer a secondary device

    Many employees now have access to much of the same valuable corporate data—customer lists, banking details, employees’ personal data, billing information and much more—via their mobile devices as Commuters who sat in the office. This means that the compromise of a mobile device can now pose just as great a risk to your customer data, intellectual property and core systems.

  • Figure 20
  • The top compromised asset varieties for the 2020 DBIR time frame
    in cyber-espionage breaches were desktop or laptop (88%), mobile
    phone (14%), and web application (10%).15

  • 71%

    The majority (71%) of respondents said that mobile devices are “critical to their business,” which we defined as an answer of 8 or higher on our 10-point scale. And over a third (34%) scored the importance of mobile devices at the maximum 10.

  • That makes them a risk.

  • Three-fifths (60%) of respondents said that mobile devices are their company’s biggest IT security threat. Of those who didn’t agree with that statement, the vast majority (85%) said that mobile devices are at least as vulnerable as other IT systems. And close to a third (31%) of all respondents agreed that mobile device threats were growing faster than other threats.

  • Figure 21
    • Forty-four percent rated the risk as significant or high. A further 42% rated it moderate. That picture varies by industry, with sectors like professional services and financial services expressing much greater concern.

  • Figure 22
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