Mobile threat defense

Help protect users, devices and data against mobile threats like phishing and malware using mobile threat defense solutions.


Cybersecurity for remote operations

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What is Jamf?

Jamf solutions offer cloud-delivered security that can protect modern businesses operating beyond the traditional perimeter to help keep assets secure.

How Jamf works

It’s cloud-based security that extends beyond traditional perimeters to help protect remote users' mobile devices and laptops as they access apps and data.


One solution

Jamf offers a unified security solution that combines modern remote access, effective threat defense and in-network security.

Seamless security

This solution provides cloud-enabled security for compatible laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Effective defense

Jamf helps defend mobile endpoints using coordinated protection on individual devices and in the network.


Gain visibility into the risks posed by employees on their mobile devices.

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What is Lookout?

Lookout® solutions help protect your organization’s sensitive information while respecting employees’ privacy who use mobile devices to connect.

How Lookout works

Lookout solutions help protect users against mobile phishing, malicious and risky apps, dangerous networks and device compromise. 


Remote protection

Lookout helps enable employees to work safely and securely from virtually any location on any device without increasing risks.

Credential security

This solution helps protect employees’ credentials against socially engineered phishing attacks targeting mobile users.


Lookout helps you maintain compliance with industry specifications, standards, regulations and laws that extend to mobile devices.

Akamai SIA Mobile

Manage mobile security, productivity and compliance for all your devices.

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What is Akamai SIA Mobile?

Akamai SIA Mobile helps you protect mobile devices from internet threats and ensure those devices comply with acceptable use and data usage policies.


How Akamai SIA Mobile works

Akamai SIA Mobile is a network-based service that helps protect mobile phones without the need for client software.


Mobile security

Akamai SIA Mobile helps block malware and other malicious content before it gets to devices, as well as unknown domains that could be used for attacks.

Advanced reporting

Advanced reporting and analytics offer data to promote better decision-making about the protection of mobile data and devices and the effectiveness of usage policies.

Policy management

Akamai SIA Mobile helps cover major exploits like phishing, malware and botnets with leading threat intelligence.

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Mobile phishing is the next evolution of the age-old problem of phishing. Phishing itself has been around for decades, but more recently cybercriminals have been heavily targeting individuals on mobile devices. There are a number of reasons that mobile is attractive to bad actors. For example, mobile offers multiple ways to deliver a phishing message: SMS, social media, third-party messaging apps or any other app with a messaging function. Also, because of mobile devices’ screen size and simplified interface, it can be difficult to spot the phishing red flags that we’ve been taught to spot on computers.

Mobile phishing is one of the biggest challenges facing IT and security teams. With the increased sophistication of social engineering, employees can be tricked into sharing their login credentials. Attackers can then use these credentials to log into company cloud apps and steal sensitive data in a matter of hours.

With more and more organizations moving data to the cloud, accessing that cloud data from mobile devices is critical to enable productivity from anywhere. However, enabling this access can greatly expand cybersecurity risks for organizations. 

To help protect against today’s cyberattacks, mobile threat defense is a critical aspect of data and endpoint security.

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