Mobile Device Management

Mobile connectivity to help keep your employees productive, with security tools to help protect your data.

IBM Security MaaS360

A smart endpoint security solution.

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What is IBM Security MaaS360?

IBM® Security MaaS360® goes beyond traditional mobile device management (MDM) to help support diverse endpoints and complex environments. 

How IBM Security MaaS360 works

It helps you simplify and automate day-to-day device management and cybersecurity, using one powerful unified endpoint management (UEM) product.



Device protection

Helps you manage and protect devices using  iOS, Android®, iPadOS®, macOS® and Windows®, as well as specialized devices for frontline workers—all via simple, self-service provisioning.

Threat management

This product includes built-in threat management capabilities that can detect and respond to security attacks, such as phishing and insider threats.


Integrates into most third-party platforms, like the Microsoft® ecosystem and IBM Security®, enabling you to take advantage of your existing investments in security and applications.

Verizon Mobile Device Management

Powerful resources to help you mitigate attacks.

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What is Verizon Mobile Device Management?

Verizon Mobile Device Management (MDM) enables your IT staff to track and manage mobile devices connecting to your organization’s network.

How Verizon Mobile Device Management works

It’s a cloud-based platform that features flexible, customer-defined policy management functions that cover a variety of settings to manage mobile devices.



Increased security

Verizon MDM helps you increase security and maintain compliance by allowing you to enforce organizational security policies on mobile devices to help protect corporate data.

Remote management

IT administrators can remotely manage mobile devices without the need to physically handle them.

User productivity

IT administrators can distribute and manage applications on mobile devices, helping keep employees productive by enabling them to focus on their jobs and not be distracted by nonwork activities.

Ivanti Neurons for MDM

Cloud-based device management and security.

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What is Ivanti Neurons for MDM?

Ivanti Neuron®s for MDM helps protect your organization’s data from mobile threats and provides secure access to critical business resources.

How Ivanti Neurons works

It provides the visibility and controls needed to help secure, manage and monitor corporate or personal devices or desktops that access business-critical data.



Cloud-based management

Take advantage of secure, scalable, enterprise-ready architecture that puts the user experience first while maintaining the highest quality security standards.

Simple onboarding

Quickly and easily onboard devices and provision them over the air with all the apps, settings and security configurations they need.

Seamless UX

Deliver a consistent native user experience (UX) across any device and OS while improving productivity.

Endpoint management

Manage and help protect any iOS, iPadOS, Android, macOS, Chrome OS™, Windows and virtual reality/extended reality (VR/XR) device, from a single cloud-based solution.

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MDM includes software that provides the following functions: software distribution, policy management, inventory management, security management and service management for smartphones and media tablets.

MDM solutions help manage devices, employee access, privileges and policies. These solutions also help businesses control vulnerabilities in their software and hardware.

Verizon offers a number of MDM solutions, including IBM MaaS360, Verizon MDM and Ivanti Neurons for MDM, to help keep your employees productive, with security tools to help protect your data.


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