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Frequently asked questions about paying your bill

We’re here to help. Take a quick look at some of the most common questions and answers our customers have about paying your bill.

  • How can I pay my bill?

    • Use the My Fios app. The app works for non-Fios customers, too
      • Sign in > Click on Bill > Current Bill > Pay Bill > Follow the instructions
    • Go online. Sign in to My Verizon.
      • Sign in > Click on Billing > Pay Bill > Follow the instructions

    Make sure your money is in your bank account on the date you schedule your payment. Verizon charges a fee for each payment returned. Verizon also charges a late fee for payments not received on time. Check page one of your bill for your payment due date.

    Eliminate stamps and late fees with Auto Pay, Verizon’s automatic monthly payment plan. Your monthly bill is paid from the account of your choice: checking or savings account, debit card or credit card.

    Lose the paper and declutter -- ask for Verizon's Paper Free Billing. With the My Fios app and, your bill is always viewable and printable. Set up your payment method online and pay each month with a quick click from the app or website.

    If you want to pay your bill in person, we can help you locate a payment location near you.

  • Where should I mail my payment?

    • For Connecticut, New York, Delaware, Massachusetts, Rhode Island
    • Verizon
    • P.O. Box 15124
    • Albany, NY 12212-5124
    • For New Jersey
    • Verizon
    • P.O. Box 4833
    • Trenton, NJ 08650-4833
    • For DC, Maryland, Virginia
    • PO Box 4830
    • Trenton NJ 08650 - 4830
    • For Pennsylvania
    • Live account area codes 412, 724, 814, 878, 215, 267, 445, 717 (and)
    • Final Account area codes 412, 724, 717
    • Verizon
    • P.O. Box 15124
    • Albany NY 12212-5124
    • Live Account Area codes 570, 610, 484, 835 (and)
    • Final accounts area codes 215, 610, 814, 570
    • Verizon
    • P.O. Box 28000
    • Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-8000
  • How do I change my billing information?

    • You can change your billing address and other account information by signing into using My Verizon or on the My Fios app. Once signed in,
      • Select Profile in the navigatin bar
      • Within the My Profile section, select Change billing address and follow the instructions provided
  • How can I find an authorized payment location?

  • To find an authorized payment location, please click here and follow instructions.

  • Is there a charge for any payment method?

  • Yes, when you pay your bill by phone, a $3.50 vendor fee is applicable.

  • Where can I find the total due that I currently owe?

  • The amount you owe is always viewable and payable online at My Verizon and with the My Fios app.

    You can also view page one of your paper bill. It shows your current month’s charges plus any past due amount unpaid from your last bill. Pay the past due amount immediately.

  • How do I qualify for a deposit refund?

  • Once you've had your Verizon service for 12 months (6 months for VA), we'll review your payment history to determine whether you're eligible for a refund.

    The refund will be applied to your credit or debit card. If your payment card is not available, the refund will be applied to your bill.

    Click here for more details on deposits.

  • Why am I being charged an early termination fee?

  • You may see an early termination fee on your bill if you ended your contract with Verizon before the expiration date.

  • Can I still pay my bill online if I have not registered at My Verizon or am unable to sign in?

  • Yes, you can. Just go to

    You will need some information to verify your account such as:

    • Account number and billing zip code
    • Email or mobile phone number
    • Email and telephone number
    • Mobile phone number & telephone number
  • How can I confirm that my payment was received by Verizon?

  • You have several options to confirm that your payment has been received, such as:

    • Sign into My Verizon and select view bill. You can also view previous bills as well
    • Use the My Fios app
    • Access your billing statement with your remote control (Fios TV customers only)
    • Review last month’s paper bill

    Be sure to opt in to bill notifications and you’ll receive a payment confirmation email or text alert.

  • What is a Payment Arrangement?

  • A Payment Arrangement is an agreed-upon plan for you to pay Verizon your account balance (current or past due) by a specific date. It tells Verizon of your intent to pay and when. You still have to make the payment on the agreed-upon date, and late fees from the original bill due date will still apply.

  • How can I make a Payment Arrangement?

  • You can schedule a Payment Arrangement anytime using the My Fios app,, or your phone. A Payment Arrangement tells Verizon of your intent to pay. You still have to make the payment on the agreed-upon date, and any late fees from the original bill due date will still apply.

    To make the arrangement and schedule the payment, select Schedule Payment Now and provide your payment method.

    • Use the My Fios app. The app works for non-Fios customers, too
      • Sign in > Click on Bill > Click on Options > Payment Arrangements > Follow the instructions
    • Go online. Sign in to My Verizon
      • Click on Billing > Payment Arrangement > Follow the instructions

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