Your Verizon deposit

About your deposit

In certain circumstances, Verizon may ask customers to pay a security deposit while setting up new service in order to secure the account.

The deposit must be paid by credit card at that time in order to continue with the order.

Once you've had your Verizon service for 12 months, we'll review your payment history to determine whether you're eligible for a refund. If you've paid your bill in full and on time 10 out of 12 months, we'll refund your deposit.

The refund will be applied to your credit or debit card. If your payment card is not available, the refund will be applied to your bill.

If you live in Virginia, Verizon holds your deposit for 6 months. To qualify for a deposit refund, your payment history must show that 5 out the last 6 bills you paid your bill in full and before the due date.

If your payment history doesn't meet the criteria above, we'll review your account every 30 days and refund your deposit when the requirements are met.

If you can’t pay a deposit

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