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Parking Optimization

Improve traffic flow and congestion.

It’s time to get smart about parking.

Cities and communities change from minute to minute. Without accurate and current data, citizens and visitors can struggle to find parking, while Parking Managers are not sure if they are pricing and allocating parking efficiently. Verizon Parking Optimization can help.

Our software-as-a-service offering gives you updated information that you can share with drivers that can enable them to find spots faster while you better understand parking patterns. Together you can reduce congestion, emissions and frustration across your community.

What is Parking Optimization?

Our smart parking solution is a complete solution to track and monitor parking spot occupancy using smart video cameras and computer vision analytics to enable optimization. A dashboard gives you a clear view of parking in your community while parking policy tools help you track trends and modify policies to fit your community.

How does Parking Optimization work?

Secure video nodes observe parking events using computer vision and send parking metadata to a cloud-based management dashboard. You can see trends in usage, turnover rate, model parking revenue and parking violations. Integrate with navigation apps to provide drivers information on parking spot availability, current policies and more.

Parking Optimization components

Parking Optimization combines multiple nodes, a cloud platform and parking analytics into a single smart parking solution.

Features & benefits

The computer vision in our smart parking solution reduces content to metadata and saves bandwidth. This data then powers analytics in occupancy, availability, dwell time, turnover and revenue from usage and violations. 

  • Adaptable. Remotely configurable as parking environment changes
  • Intelligent. Helps identify traffic-flow problems to help make road networks more efficient
  • Helpful. Integrates with navigation apps to guide citizens to parking

Easy implementation

Parking Optimization is a comprehensive smart parking solution that makes it easy to get the benefits of better parking for your community.

Simplified setup

Get up and running fast using our design and deployment teams. Pre-engineered and integrated features help ensure proper functionality.

Managed solution

Avoid dealing with multiple vendors and focus on your parking issues by letting us manage all components, from the edge to the cloud.

Pay as you go

Enjoy easy startup using a pay-as-you-go model. 

Marietta success story
Kansas City success story
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