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Step inside a ground-breaking space with sustainability at its core, driven by the spirit of co-creation. Immerse yourself in a world of connectivity and innovation, where revolutionary technology reshapes the future of business.

Explore the potential of the latest technology and network solutions with our interactive demos and content. This collaborative experience has been curated to inspire you and your team—so you can unlock the true potential of your digital business transformation on your journey toward Enterprise Intelligence.

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Ignite your creativity, foster new ways of thinking and get together with like-minded tech leaders to share ideas and expertise.

Augmented reality

Simulates reality, blending the physical and virtual worlds to provide a real-life hands-on experience. This immersive method can significantly help enhance  learning and retention. 

IoT and IIoT

Helps businesses gain valuable insights, streamline processes, reduce downtime and boost overall profitability, by connecting machines, devices, people and processes.    

Robotics and automation

Automates routine and often complex tasks using autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and comprehensive robot fleet management, so businesses can increase productivity, reduce human error and optimise resource allocation.

Asset tracking

Provides a comprehensive IoT solution that helps give businesses increased visibility and real-time control over their most valuable assets—whether they are in transit, at rest or at specific geographical locations.

3D twins

Offers an innovative way to help improve efficiency and reduce costs in various industries by creating a virtual testing and training environment that can mirror the real world—just like a twin.     

Video analytics

Helps enable efficient monitoring, generates actionable insights and enhances decision-making capabilities by providing an in-depth understanding of the activities captured in the video footage.

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Learn all about the key principles behind the design of the London Hub to find out how the space has been built sustainably to inspire innovation with impact. 

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