• A Special Customer Arrangement or SCA is an individually negotiated agreement tailored to the telecommunications needs of the customer for whom it is designed. An SCA may be in response to special competitive conditions that exist at the time an SCA is entered with a customer. An SCA may encompass a service or combination of services (including products not subject to federal regulation), and frequently includes terms and conditions that supplement those appearing in this Guide. In most instances, an SCA encompasses a combination of domestic, interstate, interexchange, and international services.

    All SCAs require that the customer agree to service installation no later than ninety (90) days following enrollment in the SCA.

    Unless otherwise specified in this Guide, each SCA is available to all similarly situated customers for a period of thirty (30) days following publication of the corresponding SCA summary in this Guide.

    MCI SCA summaries were based on a generic model or "SCA Type" which defined a common set of terms and conditions that applied to all SCAs of that type. Individual SCAs that were based on an SCA Type were posted as “Options” under that SCA Type.

  • Networx Unit Pricer Tool*

    The Networx Unit Pricer Tool includes the rates of the Federal Government contracts listed above (including modifications).

    *Please note that the prices listed in the Networx Unit Pricer tool include the GSA administrative fee, which is currently 7%, and is subject to change.