• Name Changes: Certain pricing plan, service, feature and promotion name changes periodically occur. For a list of these changes, please click here: Name Changes

    In addition to the introduction of new or revised SCA Option summaries and other summaries of individually negotiated customer contracts taking place during this month, the following briefly describes changes that are being made to the Service Publication and Price Guide.

    As part of an internal restructuring, MCI Communications Services, Inc. (MCICS) and Verizon Business Network Services Inc. (VBNS) converted to limited liability companies under Delaware state law on June 30, 2020.  This conversion did not result in any changes to the regulated services or operations of MCICS or VBNS, nor to any of their assets, rights, or obligations.  MCICS and VBNS continue to be indirect, wholly-owned subsidiaries of Verizon Communications Inc. Their names changed to MCI Communications Services LLC and Verizon Business Network Services LLC.