• General

  • The following intrastate service descriptions, terms, conditions and pricing apply generally to those services where tariffs do not apply. Intrastate services are subject to applicable state regulatory or legal requirements except to the extent they can be superseded by contract. By ordering any of the Intrastate Telecommunications Services covered herein, Customer represents and warrants that it is ordering a physically intrastate line and that 10% or less of the traffic on the ordered line is – and will remain – interstate in nature.

    To the extent that a service has been detariffed, references in a Signed Contract to any “tariff” are now deemed instead to refer to (and incorporate by reference) the applicable provisions of this Guide.

    Order of Precedence: In the event of an inconsistency between a General Term or Condition, a service-specific term or condition, a term or condition in a Signed Contract, any additional Guide term applicable to all intrastate services in this Guide, or a state-specific term or condition on the Guide, the relationship with the Customer will consist of the following, in order of precedence from (1) through (5): (1) the term or condition in the Signed Contract; (2) the state-specific notices, terms and conditions in this Guide; (3) the Guide service-specific term or condition; (4) additional Guide terms applicable to all intrastate services in this Guide; (5) the General Terms or Conditions of Service for Standard Telecommunications Services.

    Deposit: No deposits are taken for intrastate services. Instead, deposits are taken based on the Customer’s Annual Volume Commitment (AVC). Accordingly, the provisions in the General Terms and Conditions for Deposits do not apply for intrastate services.

  • State-Specific Notices, Terms or Conditions

  • The following link provides a table listing where terms and conditions for each state may be found, both within and outside of the Guide. The table provides links to state pages that are included in the Guide because they have state specific terms and conditions and/or state specific notices.