Verizon 5G Edge Services

Leverage a platform that helps you build, deploy and manage edge applications across a distributed MEC infrastructure—for greater visibility and control.

One dashboard for all of your MEC apps

5G Edge Services is a pre-integrated suite of tools with a single intuitive dashboard. It allows you to easily monitor performance across your MEC infrastructure, simplifies development and deployment of standard APIs, and provides end-to-end network visibility and insights. All for a better overall management experience.

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Access a suite of edge-optimized tools that are agnostic across public and private MEC deployments and cloud service providers (CSPs).



Enable a dynamic deployment model that can help optimize costs and provide services in a distributed environment.

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Utilize automation tools designed to manage deployments at scale and across distributed infrastructures.

How 5G Edge Services work

Use these videos to learn how our services can help you get more from your advanced edge applications.

5g edgesvcs svc library desktop

Service library

Learn how to make launching applications and services to your MEC platform as easy as uploading a file.

5g edgesvcs automated app deployment desktop

Automated application deployment

See how you can bring drag-and-drop simplicity to your most complex applications.

5g edgesvcs svc library desktop

Edge Discovery Service (EDS)

Explore how to help maximize application speed from anywhere, giving users a better mobile experience.

5g edgesvcs devicemgmt desktop

Device management

Find out how you can keep all your devices—including the applications and services running on them—up to date and secure.

5g edgesvcs performancemgmt desktop

Performance management and visualization

Learn how you can enable applications and services to send updates and alerts, for better business outcomes.

5G Edge Developer Portal

Use your cloud infrastructure platforms to provision and manage resources at the mobile network edge for ultra‑low‑latency apps.

More to explore

Verizon Edge Discovery Service API

Direct your application clients to connect to the optimal service endpoints of your 5G Edge applications.

5G Edge
Partner Program

Get end-to-end support for your 5G Edge solutions, co-marketing opportunities and more.

Have questions? We’ve got answers.

5G Edge computing services are part of Verizon’s edge computing solution portfolio. The portfolio contains mobile edge computing (MEC) solutions for both public and private MEC. 5G Edge with AWS Wavelength, a public MEC solution, uses Verizon’s public 5G and LTE for connectivity to the MEC platform, which is collocated in Verizon service access points (SAP). This provides the low latency emerging applications need and the advantages of leveraging Verizon’s public wireless network. The 5G Edge with private MEC portfolio consists of MEC stacks from AWS, Microsoft and Google and is deployed in conjunction with a Verizon Private Wireless Network for device connectivity. Private MEC solutions are deployed at a client’s location and can support a single location or multiple nearby locations, as well as applications requiring the lowest possible latency. Private MEC can also help address data sovereignty and security concerns since data can be stored and processed on-site and not sent to the public cloud. The 5G Edge computing services portfolio can support multiple applications across many different verticals, helping drive new efficiencies and deliver business outcomes.

Nearly every industry can benefit from 5G and edge computing. Some specific examples include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Mining
  • Ports
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Venues/entertainment
  • Agriculture
  • Utilities
  • Government

5G Edge computing (mobile edge computing) enhances many existing applications and enables a range of new emerging applications across many industries. Solutions in manufacturing and warehousing could be production quality assurance utilizing computer vision to spot defects, AGV/AMR management for more efficient operations, real-time inventory management and pick-and-pack quality assurance. Retail can benefit from autonomous or cashierless checkout to streamline the shopping experiences. Venues such as sports stadiums can enhance the overall customer experience with solutions that can accelerate access and reduce lines using facial recognition. Analytics can help manage general attendee experiences such as finding the shortest concession line and the closest restrooms.

Cloud services, or cloud computing, uses centralized data centers to support compute and data storage needs. This centralized architecture helps provide on-demand scalability and reduce overall costs. However, using it can move the services far from many locations, creating latency and potentially high data transport costs. Edge services, or edge computing, moves all of this to the edge of the network—closer to end devices and users, where data is generated. This close proximity allows for far lower latency as well as real-time data processing and response times for critical applications. In the case of private MEC, on-premises hardware can provide additional data security, allowing control over what data is stored locally.

5G Edge Services is a value-added platform, pre-integrated with Verizon’s 5G Edge public and private MEC. It is designed with special-purpose tools to simplify building, deploying and managing edge computing applications across hybrid environments. Verizon offers these capabilities as a part of 5G Edge, at no additional cost.

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*5G Ultra Wideband available in select areas.