IoT platforms, services and solutions

With our expansive portfolio, vast expertise and strong ecosystem, Verizon offers a one-stop shop for your Internet of Things (IoT) needs.


Improved operations

Automate processes, optimize costs and drive operational efficiencies with connected devices and innovative IoT solutions.

Increased control

Take better control of managed assets running on your infrastructure to help enhance business efficiency, improve safety and security, control costs and make effective use of resources.

Boosted experiences

Deliver engaging customer experiences and reduce your time to market to help increase customer loyalty and improve your market position.

We work with numerous original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to certify their devices and modules to run on the Verizon network. Doing so will help to ensure the compatibility and interoperability of your IoT solutions within the Verizon ecosystem.

Device showcase

OEMs display certified devices on Verizon's Open Development portal where they can be easily accessed by the IoT community, making it easy to bring your idea from concept to market.

ThingSpace Marketplace

ThingSpace Marketplace is a one-stop shop for everything you need to start building your IoT solution right away.

Other products

The right network delivers the secure, reliable connectivity that makes IoT possible. That’s why Verizon offers a number of network technologies to fit your business needs, from Narrowband IoT for low-bandwidth-capable applications to 5G and mobile edge computing (MEC) for bandwidth-intensive, lower-latency applications.

Private 5G Network

Take advantage of a secure, high-speed, low-latency 5G network connection to help solve your organizational challenges and drive efficiency.

LTE for Category M1 & Narrowband Technologies

Use our dedicated communication technologies for IoT applications.

Verizon supports its IoT solutions through our industry-leading ThingSpace platform. ThingSpace features a wide array of services that enable you to build, activate, manage and monetize your IoT solutions.

ThingSpace platform

ThingSpace gives organizations of all sizes the required tools to build IoT solutions or use end-to-end solutions to solve business problems.

IoT Security Credentialing

Help stay productive and protected with application and device security services.

Our IoT expertise and expansive portfolio help power a number of innovative, new end-to-end solutions that can enable organizations to become more efficient, control costs, improve customer experiences—and ultimately, gain a competitive edge.

Tracking and monitoring

With the power of IoT, you can remotely track and monitor the location and condition of assets in transit, like equipment, raw materials, and valuable or perishable items, giving you greater visibility into your supply chain and distribution operations.


Connected vehicles

Developing the vehicles of the future requires partnering with a technology innovator. Verizon has the IoT expertise and platforms to help you design, build and test new and emerging connected vehicle technologies.

Smart Communities

Verizon IoT technologies and solutions help drive the digital transformation of cities and municipalities across the U.S., enabling them to operate more efficiently, while helping to improve the quality of life for the people who live there.

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