Improve business intelligence

Information, insights, improvement. Capture the data you need quickly and efficiently with Internet of Things (IoT) technologies so you can enhance your business.



Multi-access edge computing (MEC) and IoT solutions work to gather data faster than ever.


Verizon 5G Edge brings massive computing power right to where it’s needed—the edge of our network.


Advanced tools help create flexible insights to improve operations.

Use cases

Real-time intelligence

Manufacturing companies are under pressure to keep up with increasingly shorter business and product life cycles. 5G can help.

Connected retail

Retailers can deliver exceptional customer experiences by improving access to product information and availability.

Asset monitoring

5G-enabled IoT sensor data can be used for more efficient and proactive maintenance.

Deeper, enhanced awareness

5G can help you make your entire organization more efficient and productive by helping you gather business insights through technologies like IoT and MEC together.

Condition Based Maintenance

Use IoT remote monitoring tools to help keep equipment operating in peak shape.

5G Edge Accelerated Access

Enable seamless movement through venues and facilities.

Asset Tracking Solutions

Keep your business running in peak form.

Greater enterprise intelligence

IoT can change the way you see data and assets. IoT, 5G and MEC combined can help change the way your entire business performs.

5G Edge Crowd Analytics

Help facilitate crowd movement and management strategies.

5G Edge Cashierless Checkout

Enable low-friction checkout to reduce transaction times and boost customer


Leverage our tools and resources to build IoT solutions and solve business problems.


5G basics

Enable transformative business use cases, from autonomous machines to augmented and virtual reality experiences to massive IoT.

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Solutions Brief

5G and MEC services

Transform your business with enterprise intelligence.

Aug 13, 2021,  4 min read

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Explore MEC.

Need a better understanding of multi-access edge computing? Look no further.

May 15, 2023

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