5G Edge

Innovate in real time with fast, secure cloud computing power at the edge of our network. Let’s achieve Enterprise Intelligence.

What it is

Enhance applications by hosting them at the edge of the network–closer to your devices and endpoints. Watch the use cases to learn how.

Public MEC

Public MEC puts cloud computing resources at the edge of public LTE and 5G cellular networks – to reduce latency when faster data processing is critical.

Private MEC

Private MEC is computing and network infrastructure that’s installed on premises. This dedicated platform delivers ultra-low latency to areas within large campuses, agencies, organization and more–with greater security.


Hosting applications at the network edge helps improve response times and performance – enabling the faster collection, processing and analysis of data for better business outcomes.

Security and performance

Get the security and low-latency performance your organization needs to transform, with our 5G network solutions.

Industry-leading cloud providers

Leverage our partnerships with industry-leading cloud service providers to enable the creation of next-gen applications.

Visibility and control

Build, deploy and manage your applications across a distributed MEC infrastructure – for the visibility and control you need to innovate like never before.


Leverage our pre-integrated solutions to drive efficiencies, optimize costs and improve customer experiences.

5G Edge Quality Assurance for Warehouse

Monitor picking and packing stations for specific criteria to help drive precision and reduce manual quality assurance checks.

5G Edge Cashierless Checkout

Enable low-friction checkout to reduce transaction times and boost customer experiences.

5G Edge Accelerated Access

Cut down wait times and verify guest identities with this opt-in SaaS solution for venue and facility entrances.

Case studies

Improving guest experiences with real-time analytics

See how the Florida Panthers changed the game by implementing cashierless concessions in Amerant Bank Arena, so fans could get back to their seats without missing any big plays on the ice.

Enhancing road safety using Verizon 5G Edge

Learn how ADOT and MAG partnered with Verizon to create a successful pilot program using 5G virtual roadside units – to better understand real-time traffic issues and help promote safety.

Expanding advertising reach via connected devices

Discover how HarperDB helps companies like Edison Interactive power connected devices in order to expand their platform, enabling a flexible and scalable solution for content delivery and additional advertising revenue.

More to explore

Public Sector

Find out which solution is right for your organization: 5G for Federal, 5G for State and Local, 5G for Public Safety, K–12 5G solutions, Higher Ed 5G solutions.

Business innovators

Sign up to stay current on the latest edge computing trends and use cases, so you can make better-informed decisions for your business.

Developer resources

Get the latest announcements and information to help develop mobile edge computing applications.

5G Edge Partner Program

Join the 5G Edge Partner Program for help designing and deploying your 5G Edge solutions. And get access to strategic co-marketing opportunities.

IoT and ThingSpace

Thingspace helps you deploy and manage end-to-end solutions and device connectivity – to bring near real-time processing to the Internet of Things (IoT).


5G Edge is a mobile edge computing platform available for businesses and organizations. By integrating compute and storage services at the public 5G or LTE network edge, or collocated on-premises with a private wireless network, 5G Edge helps Verizon customers bring to market increasingly transformative use cases that were previously untenable or impossible.

Multi-access edge computing (MEC) is a network architecture concept that enables cloud computing capabilities and an IT service environment at the edge of any network. Mobile edge computing provides both an IT service environment and cloud-computing capabilities at the edge of the mobile network, within the radio access network (RAN) and in closer proximity to mobile subscribers, enterprises and other organizations.

Expand opportunities, capabilities and sources of revenue.
Industries across the board could create more agile, efficient and proactive practices, realize new opportunities for value capture and creation, and deliver customer experiences with the following benefits:

  • Low end-to-end network latencies resulting in fast application response times
  • Reduction in transport bandwidth cost
  • Increased data localization and sovereignty, and better analytics
  • Streamlined, more power-efficient end devices
  • Context-aware quality of experience (QoE) enhancements

Improve performance.
Ultrahigh speed and low latency are requirements for many transformational projects, and 5G Edge is designed to help reduce application response times and increase performance. Private wireless deployments can help reduce response times and increase performance even further.

Activate near real-time data.
Data is the new differentiator—the faster and better you can harness, process, analyze and use it, the bigger the advantage. Data is gathered and acted on closer to where it’s created or used to help enable contextually aware applications and more-efficient operations.

Align mobile and cloud strategies.
5G Edge works with connectivity and device management solutions that can help enable the alignment of mobile and cloud strategies.

Realize the full potential of the IoT.
The high speed and low latency of 5G Edge can help support the rapid expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT)—particularly mission-critical communications. 5G Edge can also help address IoT challenges such as device energy usage and battery life. Verizon Private 5G Network helps support massive IoT deployments.

Enhance security and reliability.
Resources at the edge and on-premises means Verizon customers can localize data, which can help them improve security and better execute on data management strategies. Private wireless deployments can help provide even higher levels of security, keeping all critical data on premises.

With this new edge computing architecture, developers can build applications for mobile end users and wireless devices, with low latency. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for businesses and organizations of all types and sizes, including next-generation artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), automated vehicles, real-time monitoring and control, and so much more.

5G Edge can provide:

  • A fully integrated network and computing environment
  • Ease in performing data analytics locally
  • Consistently lower latency for workloads and applications (e.g., closed-loop control systems, autonomous machines, robotics, AR/VR, IoT performance tracking)

5G Edge with private MEC helps support customer data and application sovereignty.

5G Edge with public MEC could also deliver services specific to an environment and industry, such as oil and mining operations, manufacturing plants, hospitals, universities, public safety and other government facilities, sports arenas, and business campuses. Local computing could be particularly beneficial for organizations with a large number of connected devices. ThingSpace provides the tools, resources and support to help you accelerate development of edge devices and get them to market faster.

We believe many industries could benefit from 5G Edge. Here are just a few of our top picks:

Distribution and Supply Chain
Global distribution and supply chain leaders could benefit from near real-time supply chain solutions that deliver end-to-end visibility and control from production through consumption.

Online gaming companies could offer subscription-based gaming services, while enabling immersive experiences on mobile devices running on 5G networks.

Media and Entertainment
Advancements in computer vision along with machine learning have given rise to more interactive and convenient fan experiences in venues of all sizes, while providing venue owners and operators more visibility and intelligence thanks to data-driven decision-making as well as near real-time monitoring and analytics. As a result, better crowd management, accelerated ticketing and cashierless payment options are now available.

Retailers could use 5G to implement granular product tracking, create immersive experiences, automate points of sale (POS), drive interactive signage and smart package sorting, and gather insights about in-the-moment customer behavior.

Financial Services
5G Edge could enable AI, near real-time connectivity and other leading-edge technologies to fight fraud, power humanized assistants, speed up loan transactions, shorten settlement cycles, and accelerate market forecasting, buying and selling.

5G Edge may have broad application in healthcare solutions. They could include delivering deep visibility into the pharmaceutical supply chain, supporting faster,, more-detailed diagnostics, enabling robotic and remote surgery and near real-time patient monitoring, and providing navigation for visually impaired individuals.

From improved 3D modeling, maintenance and supply chain management to automated vehicles, robots, digital twins, materials tracking and quality assurance processes, 5G Edge could help catalyze widespread transformation across the manufacturing ecosystem.

Transformation and Automotive
5G Edge could support smart dock technologies to help improve safety, security and productivity, as well as enhance quality of travel, and improve tracking and auditing of vehicles, packages and people. 5G Edge could also play a transformative role in the field of autonomous vehicles and C-V2X (Cellular Vehicle to Everything) applications for passenger, vehicle, road and pedestrian safety.

*Not currently available for use with Verizon 5G Edge private MEC.

Verizon has expertise in building, maintaining and operating both public and private networks, and remotely managing hundreds of millions of devices. We invest billions of dollars every year so that our networks are resilient and future-ready. And just as critically, we understand digital transformation and have the experience and expertise to help organizations evolve and advance. It’s why 99% of the Fortune 500 count on us to help their enterprises thrive. Other advantages include:

5G Ultra Wideband
Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband is paving the way for a new era of business innovations with ultra-fast speeds and low latency. 

Private carrier-grade deployments at the Verizon customer premises provide even lower latency and are complementary with other existing networking technologies.

Network density
Verizon 5G Edge is a mobile edge computing (MEC) platform. And MEC is all about moving computing and related infrastructure closer to the end user, so we’re building out service access points (SAPs) across our extensive network. Those SAPs, along with fiber, small-cell technology and other network densification efforts, help ensure that Verizon can support our customers’ next-generation application requirements. Private wireless network deployment solutions provide even more flexibility and availability.

Virtualization from core to edge
Having virtualized the core of its network, Verizon is taking significant steps forward in virtualizing the radio access network (RAN) edge and moving computing functionality to the edge of the network. This is what makes 5G Edge possible.

Security and quality of service (QoS)
5G Ultra Wideband embeds security protocols that help ensure Verizon customer user and development environments are secure, while managing the quality of your experiences based on user type or policy service levels. It’s a more secure, high-performance alternative to Wi-Fi.

5G Edge is available on Verizon customer’s own Private Wireless Network and private MEC infrastructure.

You can also harness the transformative power of 5G Edge public MEC in the following locations:

Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New York City
San Francisco Bay Area
Washington, DC


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