Cyber Risk Programs

Fight cyber threats more effectively and efficiently with a robust risk management and monitoring program.

Know where to focus your security investments. 

Making the right security investments is all about visibility. With Cyber Risk Programs, you get a robust view of your security landscape. By integrating our intelligence with multiple security data sources, you can aggregate, display, and score information in a way that’s easy to understand.

As a leader in cybersecurity, we track over 61 billion events on average every year. With this insight, you can develop a focused action plan for your security environment, and prioritize spending where it matters most.

What is Cyber Risk Programs? 

Cyber Risk Programs are evidence-based technical risk assessments and cyber security management programs designed to address a wide spectrum of organizational cyber security risk concerns including potential threats, weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  They measure the effectiveness of customer cyber security risk controls, quantifies cyber risk in business relevant or financial terms, and provides prioritized risk reducing recommendations and consultative support.

How does Cyber Risk Programs work?

Cyber Risk Programs assess your security posture using quantified scoring algorithms, detailed dark web findings, and proprietary data from our threat intelligence library. This gives you the data you need to identify security gaps and evaluate where you need to focus, all leading to more informed business decisions.

Know your score.

Cyber Risk Programs deliver executive-level reporting while allowing security analysts to drill down for specific details, helping IT teams save time while maintaining flexibility for various audiences view.


Features & benefits

With Cyber Risk Programs, you get the data you need to identify security gaps and evaluate where you need to focus. Other features and benefits include:

  • Security scoring. Effectively measure variances in your security and risk posture.
  • Cyber Risk Quantification. Quantify the cost of risks, threats and their remediation.
  • Customer Portal. View your comprehensive dashboard at your convenience, any time online.
  • Customized views. Map to frameworks such as VERIS, NIST, NERC, COBIT, HIPAA and more. 

20 +

years of security experience

61 B+

security incidents monitored each year, on average


Risk assessments conducted each year


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