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Verizon brings together our own experts with external industry leaders to provide educational and actionable insights. Verizon hosts webinars on a regular basis covering a variety of topics including:

  • how your business can take advantage of Industry 4.0 and new advanced technologies such as 5G and multi-access edge compute
  • cybersecurity research, strategies for improving security program maturity, industry trends and technologies 
  • the future of work: what your peers are doing and how technology is used in the most innovative ways to improve business productivity, efficiency and growth
  • Three network engineer colleagues working in a server room
  • Featured Upcoming event

    Candid Conversations with CISOs Ep. I:

    How new technologies like 5G, MEC and Cloud infrastructures will transform  security operations and strategy

    This panel of security leaders will share their experiences with cloud computing security, private vs public cloud security and IoT device security. Hear how innovative new use cases are changing how security teams evaluate and monitor the risks that come with new and emerging technologies.

    3rd November
    11AM HK/SGT | 12PM JST | 2PM AEDT

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Upcoming webinars

  • IT professional standing in server room with tablet, monitoring system performance of database

    Showcase Ep 3: Verizon's Threat & Vulnerability Portfolio

    The number of security threats and vulnerabilities has exploded in recent years. Businesses must identify potential vulnerabilities and be proactive in assessing cyber threats and addressing any security gaps. In many cases, organizations may have complex vulnerabilities in their applications and business infrastructure that scanning tools alone can’t discover and more comprehensive assessment services are needed.

    This webinar will focus on how to position and sell three of Verizon’s Threat & Vulnerability assessment services:

    • Penetration Testing
    • Red Team Operations
    • Ransomware Attack Simulation

    27th October 
    11AM HK/SGT | 12PM JST | 2PM AEDT



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  • Colleagues reviewing a data chart while holding tablet

    Candid Conversations with CISOs Ep. II: “Societal Dimension” of cyber security

    When consumers, business partners and other key stakeholders worry about cybersecurity, it puts new pressures on security leaders to provide assurance about security and compliance.  This panel will share their experiences with how they’ve manage stakeholder expectations, demonstrate security ROI to their leadership, and turned their security programs into a brand asset. 

    10th November 
    11AM HK/SGT | 12PM JST |2PM AEDT

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On-demand talks

  • Female Team Leader Consults Young Computer Engineer. They Work in a Crowded Office on a Neural Network/ Artificial Intelligence Project.

    Showcase Ep 2 : Why Your Business Needs Managed Detection and Response

    Any organization in the midst of a digital transformation initiative will quickly notice that its cyberattack surface is expanding, but the pool of skilled cybersecurity professionals to protect it is not. Managed Detection and Response (MDR) helps you close that gap without having to hire and retain staff. In this webinar, we’ll show you the tactical best practices of MDR.

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  • Computer engineer writing code on desktop computer

    Showcase Ep 1 SASE: Key considerations for securing todays networks

    New and emerging technologies are driving digital transformation across all industries, moving companies closer to becoming real-time enterprises capable of operating in ways once unimaginable. From Cloud and 5G to applications, next-generation technologies are enabling companies to run faster, smarter and better than ever before. This webinar explores some of the key cybersecurity implications of new and emerging technologies, with the goal of educating security program influencers about an emerging framework for meeting this challenge – SASE, a Secure Access Service Edge.



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  • Monitoring stats on tablet while standing in front of machine

    Cybersecurity Innovation Showcase Ep.I: Cyber Risk Monitoring, Risk Assessment

    Verizon can help you understand your risk when compared with the threat scenarios and attack patterns identified in our Data Breach Investigations Report. We use a proprietary scoring method to help you prove due diligence to auditors, clients and business partners, provide quantitative metrics on your security strategy to stakeholders and business leaders, and offer better peace of mind knowing your organization is prepared. Verizon’s Cyber Risk Monitoring, Risk Assessment Program supports IT enterprise initiatives and provides executive leadership with KPI’s, priority of effort recommendations and metrics to effectively communicate risk to key stakeholders.

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  • Man using laptop while monitoring servers in data room

    Cybersecurity Innovation Showcase Ep.II: What’s Lurking in Your Supply-Chain?

    Threat actors targeting your supply-chain, however small, have the potential for outsized impact to your organization. And to make matters worse, many cybersecurity practitioners have limited visibility around who or what resides within their supply-chain, and at every point along the supply-chain from development to disposal. Organizations with inadequate Supply-Chain Risk Management practices create various opportunities for malicious actors to exploit the “fog of war” in cyber defense by clouding visibility and limiting cyber defender abilities to prevent, mitigate, detect, and respond. In this webinar, Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center (VTRAC) security practitioners will share their perspectives on supply-chain risks and provide recommendations on how organizations can reduce exposure in their supply-chain.



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  • Two male colleagues reviewing data on desktop computer while working late in office

    Cybersecurity Innovation Showcase Ep.III: SASE: How to secure today’s networks

    This webinar explores some of the key cybersecurity implications of new and emerging technologies, with the goal of educating security program influencers about an emerging framework for meeting this challenge – SASE, a Secure Access Service Edge. There are varying degrees of SASE definitions, including various components that can be based on customer need and requirements. Even Gartner, the analyst firm who coined the term, has a very fluid definition of the evolving solution.

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  • dbir webinar

    DBIR 2021 key findings

    This is the 14th edition of the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), the much-anticipated analysis of cybercrime trends across the globe. The DBIR continues to be relied on by security professionals and business leaders in every industry, who use its findings to fine-tune their security programs and educate stakeholders about the importance of cybersecurity. Join our experts as they reveal the key takeaways from the thousands of breaches analysed in this year’s report.

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  • A woman talking on the phone while working from home.

    Moving frontiers: ensure your CX staff are working from home securely

    It is well known that many organisations struggled to pivot to remote working when the global pandemic hit. Customer experience departments were affected more than most with it being even more complex to shift contact centre platforms, systems, data and staff to an environment that was accessible remotely. Twelve months on we revisit “How secure are your remote CX staff?” We will look back at the challenges organisations have faced in moving to remote working, how to review security policy needs based on remote working maturity, and most importantly, what you can do to ensure all remote workers are working from home securely.

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  • Customer reviewing report on a dashboard

    2021 CX Maturity Report - APAC

    Navigating the great disruption

    Want to know how customer experience leaders have risen to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic? Join this webinar to learn about the steps you can take to help transform your CX performance and deliver better customer outcomes. 
    The webinar will closely look at: 

    • The differences between CX leaders and laggards
    • How CX leaders navigated “The Great Disruption’
    • The evolution of the contact centre operating model and the future of work
    • How Artificial Intelligence is being deployed for CX
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  • 768x640 MSI placement outside cover

    Introducing the 2021 Mobile Security Index Key Findings

    This year’s MSI report will reshape how security leaders tackle the ongoing challenges of malware, phishing, excessive app permissions, and inappropriate usage. The MSI combines insights from a survey of 800+ security professionals with specialized and proprietary data from over a dozen leading security organizations – providing a unique report you can use to better mitigate risks associated with mobile security.



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  • Medium shot of female technician working on a tablet in a data center full of rack servers running diagnostics and maintenance on the system

    SecureCo Payment Security webinar

    Industry expert and Report author, Ciske Van Oosten joins us live to share insights from his globally-recognised research. Ciske explores challenges Australian CISOs face in maintaining a high-performance data security environment – and the fast-track strategies to turnaround.





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  • cx exec summary

    The Cyber Risk
    Roundtable series: Ep 1

    The panel will review the latest data and research from Verizon’s gold standard research reports coupled with our field experience doing 600+ breach investigations every year to educate the cybersecurity community on ways to become more resilient and innovative through digital transformations.

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  • key considerations for securing 5g2

    The Cyber Risk
    Roundtable series: Ep 2

    In this webinar, cybersecurity experts from Verizon and Blackberry Cylance will explore how AI-powered security tools can:
    ·      accelerate incident detection and remediation
    ·      change the nature of work for security analysts, and
    ·      impact established SOC processes and procedures.

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  • On-demand Talks
    CX security webinar a woman headphone at a laptop

    SWIFT: How to remain compliant in 2021 as new regulations come into force.

    Come 2021, organisations processing financial transactions through SWIFT will need to have their compliance confirmed by a separate internal audit or an external assessor.

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  • On-demand Talks
    governance risk compliance two men talking sm

    Security: Never trust, always verify. Move towards a zero trust environment

    In this webinar, we are looking at how recent events have not only accelerated the pace of change, but also helped hasten a philosophical shift. 

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  • On-demand Talks
    Female Engineer Controller Observes Working of the System. In the Background People Working and Monitors Show Various Information.

    Women and the State of Cybersecurity

    Join us in this session, to see how women are changing cybersecurity, and what the next gen of remote work looks like.





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  • On-demand Talks
    Man in headphones looking at computer screen

    Reimagining your
    Digital Future

    Join us as we hear from experts at Verizon as they discuss why organisations that scored in the top 20% of the Index reported better financial performance than their peers, and how these companies are laying the foundations for future success.


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  • On-demand Talks
    Image of factory interior

    Industry 4.0:
    Radical Digitisation

    In this session, we discuss the technologies that forward-thinking business are prioritising and already investing in.





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  • On-demand Talks
    covid article 12 sm resources

    A matter of trust: Building consumer confidence in data sharing and technology

    The global pandemic has accelerated the flight to digital, and consumers are sharing more of their personal data with brands than ever before. Explore how consumers feel about sharing their data to get personalized experiences in return.

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  • On-demand Talks
    Man sitting in front of the laptop smiling

    The Digital Workplace

    How will #5G, #VR, #AR and #MR transform your digital workplace? In this session, we are discussing the changing concept of work, the workplace and the environment that business leaders need to create to thrive in this new world. 


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  • On-demand Talks
    Woman standing over desk, smiling at computer

    The Digital Workforce

    In this session, we are discussing:
    • How to build the skills of your workforce
    • Enable employees to maintain a good work/life balance
    • How to encourage them to leverage their empathy, compassion and emotional intelligence in their decision making

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  • On-demand Talks
    internet three women in office sm

    Industry 4.0: Goodbye Digital Age, Welcome Fusion Era

    This deep impact session will help you preview, preempt and prepare for the incredible 4.0 future of everything in the 2020's.

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  • On-demand Talks
    strategize with small business cyber security sm

    Combating cyber risk

    Enterprise detection and response in the post-Covid world




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  • On-demand Talks
    masthead are you ready sm

    Why future-readiness is the antidote to uncertainty

    How can organisations shape their workforce today to meet the challenges of tomorrow?



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  • On-demand Talks
    whyverizon dbir webinar series lg

    "The Borderless Enterprise" webinar

    How digital transformation will help companies create new products, business models, and even industries, while making existing enterprises run smarter than ever before. 



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  • On-demand Talks
    dna source file

    Business Interchange Summit

    Join us online as we explore the recent shift to remote working - 
    and what it could mean for the workplace of the future.



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