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From fleet management to smart cities and connected commerce, our Internet of Things (IoT) expertise and solutions will go to work for you. 

  • The power of IoT backed by Verizon expertise

  • Bring the power of IoT to bear in your industry. The tremendous growth of IoT is changing the way businesses and communities are maintaining safety, managing costs and enhancing the customer experience. Learn how our portfolio of solutions has helped organizations enhance customer loyalty, keep tabs on high-value assets and boost efficiency.

  • Connected fleet and field services

  • Explore these IoT technologies for managing teams in the field, tracking fleet vehicles and remotely collecting a variety of business-critical data.

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  • Fleet Management Software and Solutions

    Discover how this technology can help your organization track and monitor vehicles, manage schedules, run diagnostics, improve delivery times and more. 

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  • Smart cities and communities

  • We’re bringing intelligence to organizations around the country, with IoT offerings that deliver intelligent lighting, traffic data services, real-time response and more. 

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  • Intelligent Lighting

    Remotely control your lighting and gain insights across your community, from energy savings to citizen safety improvements.

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  • Intelligent Video

    Our remote smart surveillance gathers and analyzes video data to help you quickly make decisions that help safeguard your community or organization.

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IoT is constantly changing. Here are some ideas on what’s important to know now.

  • Smart City 3.0

    Smart city capabilities are making huge leaps. This article provides some of the technologies and possibilities being realized in this space.

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  • Public safety transformation

    IoT “safe city” technology has the potential to transform our communities through quicker, smarter, better responses. 

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  • Smarter supply chains

    This moment in time is requiring our supply chains and fleets to adjust and optimize in new ways. Discover how IoT-fueled intelligence is helping make that possible. 

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Better understand IoT with these resources.

Verizon has long been a leading name in IoT and continues to expand on its possibilities with new offerings such as mobile edge computing and 5G.

  • 5G and edge computing

    These two groundbreaking  technologies together are opening up all kinds of IoT possibilities. Start to discover them now with this white paper.

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  • Edge computing and the future of IoT

    Edge computing will bring near real-time processing and ultralow latency to IoT. Together with our partners, it’s enabling us to reimagine the possibilities.                

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  • Security and IoT

    IoT needs to be secure. Read these ways to help protect against often-overlooked threats.

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