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  • Public Sector Devices.

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  • Get expert help to achieve your agency goals.

  • It’s not easy meeting the pressing demands of government. We can help. Our solutions for remote work, communications, network modernization and smart communities can help boost your ability to deliver services your residents need and create positive outcomes for employees and residents.

See what smarter security really means. 

2021 Data Breach Investigations Report

Customers around the world rely on us for the solutions and insights
that help keep their organizations protected. Learn why.

  • Get the latest insights in the Mobile Security Index 2021 Public Sector Spotlight

    According to 70% of public sector survey respondents, a security compromise could put people’s lives at risk by impacting critical or emergency services. Help protect your agency from mobile-related security compromises.

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COVID-19 recovery resources

  • Accelerating technology transformation with American Rescue Plan funding

    A once-in-a-generation funding opportunity is available for public sector organizations to make technology investments that can help in education, public safety and service delivery across state, local agencies and school districts.

    Read here
  • Navigating the next normal



    A resource guide for state and local IT leaders during the COVID-19 recovery and beyond.

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  • Build a platform for smarter government


    Smart technologies can help boost agency productivity and innovation to meet high expectations.


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  • Thrive in the Economic Recovery #5


    In this webinar replay, learn how cities and their partners can innovate to help close revenue gaps.

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    • Connect and work in the office and when remote.

      You need technology that keeps people connected and your communities running smoothly. We can help empower your agency workers with connectivity, devices and solutions to help them work and collaborate effectively from almost anywhere.

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  • Business Broadband

    Power your agency with a reliable, affordable connection.

  • Verizon Mobile Device Management (MDM)

    Automate device deployment for simple, secure mobility across your agency.

  • Mobile Hotspots

    When you need connectivity for your devices on the fly, consider hotspots.

  • BlueJeans by Verizon for Public Sector

    Let your agency communicate and collaborate virtually anywhere and anytime at the touch of a button.

  • LTE Business Internet

    Keep your agency connected virtually anyplace, anytime in the U.S.

  • Secure Cloud Gateway

    Protect users, apps and data virtually anywhere.

    • Help secure and expand your ability to stay connected in the field.

      You need the ability to expand your field communications and collaboration capabilities with secure channels and data. We can help with advanced communications solutions for first responders and other key personnel.

      See public safety solutions
  • Network Priority and Preemption

    Help designated personnel stay connected during peak demand and emergency situations.

  • Push to Talk Responder

    Take emergency communications beyond just talk to include text, data exchange and more.

  • Wireless Private Network 

    Extend your wireless network to where your employees work.

  • One Talk

    Call, collaborate and connect in the office or on the go, almost anywhere your work takes you.

    • Improve operations and constituent service delivery.

      Governments face increasing demands for services from their citizens, including massive requests for information. We help state and local agencies meet those demands with secure technologies that help lower costs and improve constituent satisfaction.

  • BlueJeans for Public Sector

    Let your agency communicate and collaborate virtually anywhere and anytime at the touch of a button.

  • Contact Center Hub

    Get an affordable cloud contact center as a service (CCaaS) that can help you simplify and improve constituent interactions.

  • One Talk

    Call, collaborate and connect in the office or on the go, almost anywhere your work takes you.

    • Help increase your resiliency and speed while controlling costs.

      Modernization can help your agency save on capital and operating expenses, as well as improve your ability to more securely share sensitive information and connect with constituents, disparate departments and diverse systems. Plus, it helps simplify network management.

      See our Network Solutions

    Take network intelligence and application delivery to the next level.

  • Private IP

    Access scalable connectivity backed by secure network technologies.

  • Internet Dedicated

    Share information quickly and easily with reliable, flexible connectivity.

  • DDoS Shield

    Mitigate the effects of unexpected and unpredictable distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

  • Rapid Response Retainer

    Engage incident response capabilities, customized to your cyber risk profile.

  • Secure Cloud Interconnect

    Connect to multiple clouds more securely and reliably.

    • Solve some of today’s biggest challenges with smart technologies.

      Have concerns with traffic, public safety, energy management or citizen experiences? Become a center of innovation and sustainable growth to help meet your community’s growing demands. Our Connected Smart Cities and Communities solutions can help.

      Get details Making people’s lives better
  • Real Time Response System

    Boost situational awareness and decision-making with a unified view.

  • Intelligent Video 

    Help protect people and assets with Intelligent Video solutions.

  • Intelligent Lighting 

    Help save energy and improve public safety with lighting technology.

  • Parking Optimization

    Help improve traffic flow and alleviate congestion.


A better way to build 5G

A new contruction technique makes it easier to install 5G.

    • Narrowband trenching can help save time and ease disruptions.


      As you bring 5G connectivity to your community, a new construction technique called narrowband trenching can make fiber installation easier and less intrusive. This streamlined technique can be started and completed within the same day to eliminate the need for extensive lane closures, so your constituents and businesses can get back to normal activities quickly. 

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  • Online permitting just got easier

  • Verizon and Avolve® Software have teamed up to bring you Online Permitting—online reservation and permitting tools.

  • Digitize your permitting process


    Growing populations and more remote working present unique challenges for city permitting processes. The transition to digital can help automate and accelerate the process from start to finish, significantly reducing time to obtain permits.*  Online Permitting can help transform the way you do business, by decreasing unnecessary field work and streamlining work flows. And more efficiency and simpler ease of use will help your employees. 

    *Based on trial results of a single municipality after install of Online Permitting in 2019 vs. 2018. Read the case study.

    Learn more Contact the team
  • Case Study

    Trial results of a single municipality after install of Online Permitting: 2019 vs. 2018.

    Read case study


Reduced average permitting cycle time in days


Reduced average time spent per examiner


More permits processed

  • Simplifying state and local procurement

    We’re committed to helping state and local governments get the products and services they need.

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Valuable resources and information

  • 5G: Understanding the Promise, Overcoming the Pitfalls

    To realize the promises of 5G, cities need to first overcome a number of obstacles, including modernization and regulatory concerns.

    Get the white paper
  • State and local government webinars

    Join Verizon, Cityfi and city officials from around the country to see how they’re working to keep cities open for business during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Watch the webinars
  • Smart cities and cybersecurity

    Smart cities enjoy tremendous benefits, but they need to take key steps to protect against cyberattacks.

    Read the article
    • A smart city that acts locally, thinks globally and collaborates nationally

      Kansas City, MO, faced a number of challenges when it sought to revitalize its downtown area. But our intelligent solutions for state and local governments helped turn those challenges into cost savings, increased safety and better quality of life for its citizens.

      Read the success story
    • Modernized DOT toll systems help keep traffic flowing.

      When a state needed to reduce traffic congestion and improve toll collection accuracy, our secure Private IP and Managed Services helped its department of transportation (DOT) modernize to improve revenue and keep traffic flowing.

      Read the success story
    • Smart solutions for growing communities

      Discover how we helped Oklahoma City increase public safety, decrease citizen drive time and improve the community’s lifestyle.



      Read the success story
  • Events Calendar

  • Digital Transformation in a New Age

    A Webinar Series

  • Woman with headphones looking at monitor
  • Session #4

    The need for network modernization.

    Held on May 26, 2021

    Like many agencies, you probably had to quickly adapt and adjust your network to accommodate remote work and other urgent situations during the pandemic. Now’s the time to ask if those changes have prepared you for the future. Watch this webinar to learn why it’s important to take a measured look at your network capabilities and structure. Discover how fully embracing network modernization can help set the stage for innovation, growth and support new service capabilities using 5G and MEC.


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