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It’s not easy meeting the pressing demands of government. We can help. Our solutions for remote work, communications, network modernization and smart communities can help boost your ability to deliver services your residents need and create positive outcomes for employees and residents.

Verizon Digital Inclusion

Not-for-profit and government agencies receive discounted broadband and voice plans—so underserved communities can get the access they need.

Closing the digital divide: Approaches from local government leaders.

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Connect underserved communities with hotspots and mobile devices.

2023 Data Breach Investigations Report

Strengthen your organization’s understanding and awareness of cybersecurity. Read our detailed analysis of 16,000+ security incidents from around the world.

Woman taking notes while video conferencing from destop computer

Accelerating digital citizen engagement and self-service

Transform and modernize legacy technologies to help improve security, collaboration, and productivity.

Employees in meeting looking at devices

What is your workplace digital strategy

Redefine the employee experience with cloud-based transformations.

Couple using a tablet and laptop in café

Engage and retain Public Sector employees

Attracting and retaining top talent requires a multi-pronged strategy by agencies.

Take our Digital Transformation Assessment.

Leverage our powerful tool to learn your organization’s stage of digital transformation. You’ll gain key insights and an action plan to help you reach the next level—and achieve your mission.*

  • 2023 Scoop News Group Cybersecurity Modernization Summit

    Why we still need to fix the basics in the Ransomware fight

    Last year saw more ransomware events than the prior five years combined. Watch this 12 minute conversation with Chris Novak, Managing Director of Verizon Cyber Security Consulting, as he discusses the ongoing challenge of cybersecurity, threat intelligence and protecting critical infrastructure and data with Jake Williams, VP, Content & Community, StateScoop and EdScoop.

2022 Mobile Security Index Public Sector spotlight

Explore the most important insights your organization needs to help improve mobile security.

Remote work

Connect and work — in the office and when remote.

You need technology that keeps people connected and your communities running smoothly. We can help empower your remote workers with connectivity, devices and solutions to help them telework and collaborate effectively from almost anywhere.

Business Broadband

Power your agency with a reliable, affordable connection.

Verizon Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Automate device deployment for simple, secure mobility across your agency.

Mobile Hotspots

When you need connectivity for your devices on the fly, consider hotspots.

LTE Business Internet

Keep your agency connected virtually anyplace, anytime in the U.S.

Secure Cloud Gateway

Protect users, apps and data virtually anywhere.

Public safety and health

Help secure and expand your ability to stay connected in the field.

You need the ability to expand your field communications and collaboration capabilities with secure channels and data. We can help with advanced communications solutions for first responders and other key personnel.

Network Priority and Preemption

Help designated personnel stay connected during peak demand and emergency situations.

Push to Talk Responder

Take emergency communications beyond just talk to include text, data exchange and more.

Wireless Private Network

Extend your wireless network to where your employees work.

One Talk

Call, collaborate and connect in the office or on the go, almost anywhere your work takes you.

Constituent services and GovOps

Improve operations and constituent service delivery.

Governments face increasing demands for services from their citizens, including massive requests for information. We help state and local agencies meet those demands with secure technologies that help lower costs and improve constituent satisfaction.

Contact Center Hub

Get an affordable cloud contact center as a service (CCaaS) that can help you simplify and improve constituent interactions.

One Talk

Call, collaborate and connect in the office or on the go, almost anywhere your work takes you.

Network solutions

Enhance network performance with a modern approach.

Modernization, like upgrading your internet to 5G, can help reduce expenses and improve security when sharing information with constituents, disparate departments and diverse systems.

Our reliable network solutions can be implemented quickly and easily to help keep your operations running smoothly.

Wireless Business Internet

Stay connected with high-performance, secure LTE Business Internet or 5G Business Internet that's quick and easy to implement.


Take network intelligence and application delivery to the next level.

Private IP

Access scalable connectivity backed by secure network technologies.

DDoS Shield

Mitigate the effects of unexpected and unpredictable distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Rapid Response Retainer

Engage incident response capabilities, customized to your cyber risk profile.

Secure Cloud Interconnect

Connect to multiple clouds more securely and reliably.

Connected cities

Solve some of today’s biggest challenges with smart technologies.

Have concerns with traffic, public safety, energy management or constituent experiences? Become a center of innovation and sustainable growth to help meet your community’s growing demands. Our Connected Smart Cities and Communities solutions can help.

Real Time Response System

Boost situational awareness and decision-making with a unified view.

Intelligent Video

Help protect people and assets with Intelligent Video solutions.

Intelligent Lighting

Help save energy and improve public safety with lighting technology.

Learn how 5G can help your community.


Cybersecurity in the age of 5G

How will the increase in 5G connectivity affect cybersecurity for government agency IT leaders? This Q&A will identify where to focus attention.

Read the article


How 5G will help government make the most of emerging tech

Enabling 5G connectivity is more than greater speeds and lower latency but how it will help improve the constituent experience and the potential to save lives.

Jun 6, 2022,  4 min read

Read the article


5G's role in next-level infrastructure.

As traffic cameras, sensors and other connected devices become more common, the high-speed, low-latency power that 5G offers will play a key role in supporting the infrastructure of tomorrow.

Jun 7, 2022,  4 min read

Read article


Simplifying state and local procurement.

We’re committed to helping state and local governments get the products and services they need.

Valuable resources and information

How new public transportation technology is prioritizing passenger safety

Real-time data and advanced processes can help operators and managers have the best available information when making safety decisions on behalf of passengers and crew.

How smart street lights can help deter crime and improve safety in cities

Smart city technology is improving safety in towns and cities.  Research shows that areas with increased lighting experienced lower crime rates than those without.

5G: Understanding the Promise, Overcoming the Pitfalls

To realize the promises of 5G, cities need to first overcome a number of obstacles, including modernization and regulatory concerns.

Smart cities and cybersecurity

Smart cities enjoy tremendous benefits, but they need to take key steps to protect against cyberattacks.


*Report results are based on self-reported information and are for assessment purposes only. Your actual data systems and information configurations and needs may differ from these results and report insights. You should not rely on this report in lieu of a professional assessment of your data transformation needs. Please contact your Verizon Account Representative for more information and details regarding your digital transformation assessment results.

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