Business Broadband internet services

Power your business with global broadband solutions built to meet the demands of today’s networking.

What it is

Business Broadband can deliver ultrafast internet access with the reliability needed to help boost productivity.

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Business Broadband uses various technologies  including wireless, cable, fiber and a range of digital subscriber lines (xDSL), depending on service location, local infrastructure and underlying carrier.

Service options

Verizon offers Business Broadband internet service through Verizon fiber optics, Verizon Wireless 5G and LTE Business Internet, and third-party resale vendors.



Affordable low-latency bandwidth options for faster connections help with your business application availability.


Intuitive implementation with self-service or Verizon installation.  Help strengthen performance with service level agreements (SLAs) when combined with wireless backup and/or managed services.


Choose the broadband internet pricing and access options best for your applications.  Location availability includes fiber, cable, wireless and DSL connectivity.


Business Broadband is available around the world, serving more than 170 countries.

Business Broadband use cases

Business Broadband is ideal for retail and remote office connection, backup connectivity, and software-defined networking.

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Fast data delivery

Using a high-speed connection can mean greater productivity and reliability for your business.

Robust ecosystem

Experience accelerated broadband internet coverage through a 21st-century infrastructure and ecosystem.


Rely on 24/7 customer service for high-quality broadband internet delivered with integrity, performance excellence and accountability.

Reliable broadband

Get the broadband internet service your business needs without sacrificing reliability and performance.


Business digital transformation

See how network and other foundational digital transformation initiatives are redefining entire industries.

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The future of customer service

Learn how networks and cloud play a key role on your journey to help boost revenue and improve security and user experience.

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Better business internet speed

Find out how designing a network is like building a house, and business internet cost is a major consideration.

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Welcome to Business Broadband

Discover the end-to-end experience of getting, setting up and using Verizon Business Broadband solutions.

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EverWash success story

Watch how EverWash used wireless business internet from Verizon to disrupt the car washing industry.

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Internet Dedicated provides enterprise-grade, Verizon-owned internet connectivity to support near real-time applications and public/private networking solutions. The dedicated connections are delivered via Ethernet or private-line circuits not shared with other customers, providing guaranteed bandwidth, SLAs and quality of service (QoS), including 100% availability and symmetrical speeds.

Shared internet access, more commonly referred to as broadband, provides connectivity via wireless or wired technologies based on location availability and customer application requirements. Broadband commonalities include shared or oversubscribed bandwidth across multiple customers, best-effort service with no SLA and asynchronous speeds.

Please contact your order manager (OM)/project manager (PM). After installation, please open a trouble ticket through your Verizon Enterprise Center portal so the appropriate support group can help you.

With Verizon Enterprise Center Mobile, you have access to information you need to manage your critical business functions while on the go. You can manage your Verizon account from a smartphone or a tablet using the mobile application for single sign-on access to Verizon Enterprise Center,

Smartphone users can download an app from Google Play® or the Apple® App Store® that supports access to Verizon Enterprise Center, My Business and Verizon portals. Simply search for “My Verizon Enterprise,” download the app and conveniently launch right into Quick Tasks or sign in to your business portal for more management options. An icon is added to your phone’s home screen for easy access the next time you log in. Requirements are as follows:

  • App Store: Apple iPhone® models that have at least a 13.x iOS version in the U.S. on any carrier or Wi-Fi network.
  • Google Play: Selected devices using an operating system of Android™ 5 or higher in the U.S. on any carrier or Wi-Fi network

You can also access Verizon Enterprise Center Mobile with a tablet by signing into a browser-based application at The tablet functionality will be the same as the smartphone app, supporting key business functions that vary by the users’ portal and permissions. Accessing the Verizon Enterprise Center from a mobile device or tablet will not provide the same options as the desktop version.

Verizon Enterprise Center portal users can use Quick Tasks for repairs, billing and some wireless functions, or sign in to get access to key business functions delivering near real-time information to you.

Yes. Verizon can provide a broadband solution offering to you that includes various types of Verizon-purchased private and public wireless services (U.S. and international).

Note: We will not manage any wireless services not purchased through Verizon.

Yes. If you are interested in having your organization’s security services managed by Verizon, you can contact your Verizon Account Team, as Managed Security Services is a separate service from Business Broadband.

Yes. Verizon offers many managed service offerings based on our customer’s needs. Ask your Verizon Account Team for more details.

Yes. Verizon has professional services to assist with your broadband implementation, as well as other service needs.

Ask your Verizon Account Team for more details.


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