Private 5G Network

Adapt in real time. Unlock exponential growth. Power innovation. All with customizable onsite 5G network connectivity.

What it is

A private wireless network puts ultrafast 5G connectivity within your location to help you become more efficient, innovative, agile and competitive.

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Remote monitoring: Gain valuable insights with near real-time monitoring of the health of your private network, including radio nodes, packet core and user equipment—24/7.

User management: Set up connections, authenticate subscribers and devices, and apply custom policies to aggregate and manage traffic from secure end devices.

Deployment: Delivered and installed to your custom requirements, Verizon monitors network health with automatic updates, providing maintenance and support.

Customer portal: Enables designated users to update devices; control access; track and report issues; run reports; and monitor KPIs, usage statistics and device connectivity—all from a dashboard.

Small cell: Enhance network performance by providing precise coverage, reducing bandwidth congestion and ensuring reliable connectivity in various environments.

Packet core: Utilizes an on-premises packet core to provide security and low latency for critical processes and applications.

Optional integration of private MEC and solutions: Integrate 5G Edge mobile edge computing (MEC) for local compute and storage capabilities, vital for applications that require the lowest latency.

CBRS band: Leverage the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) band, a lightly licensed, shared spectrum that enables enterprises to deploy private wireless networks dedicated to their organization.

Licensed spectrum: Utilizes Verizon-owned, dedicated spectrum for guaranteed performance of critical applications.

Outside the U.S., dedicated customer-owned spectrum is leveraged where made available by regulators.



Reduce interference, provide greater privacy and help mitigate cyberthreats against your operations with your own dedicated network.

Reach beyond Wi-Fi

Leverage scalable, consistent and reliable coverage across your premises—both indoors and outdoors.


Add 5G-ready devices to your existing infrastructure, without needing to rip and replace.


From smaller, quicker projects to larger carrier-grade deployments, regardless of your business or organization's size, we can handle it all.


Our robust partner ecosystem provides options for your devices, MEC, applications and more, tailored to your specific needs


Expand and adapt as your organization grows, helping to ensure it can meet your evolving connectivity requirements.

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Enable transformative initiatives—such as factory of the future, quality control driven by AI and machine learning, and more—while reshaping customer experiences.


Private 5G Network lets you collect and analyze operational data in near real time—helping to make your organization more competitive, agile and profitable.


Fully managed, monitored and maintained, Private 5G Network can help you solve your organization's challenges and gain operational efficiencies.

Why choose us


years managing customers’ complex networks worldwide

Availability outside the U.S. in select countries for multinational clients.


America’s most reliable 5G network


of Fortune 500 companies served

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Maximize uptime in adverse environments and help control costs with wide-range, low-latency coverage for all aspects of facility operations. Use Private 5G Network for:

  • Quality-of-service prioritization
  • High-definition video for quality control/inspection
  • Advanced remote industrial robotics and automated guided vehicles (AGVs)
  • Digital twins
  • Workforce safety and tools
  • Remote maintenance and technical support with augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR)
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Gain the coverage, performance and security your business needs when adopting new digital initiatives—all while sidestepping congestion. Use Private 5G Network for:

  • Proactive shelf restocking
  • Relevant, responsive customer signage and visuals
  • Cashierless checkout
  • Operational data insights
  • Predictive maintenance
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Get high bandwidth and low latency for the performance and security your business needs to stay competitive. Use cases include:

  • Semi-autonomous transporters
  • Condition-based monitoring
  • Worker safety
  • Product quality sensors
  • Interior and exterior connectivity
  • End-to-end supply visibility
  • Video-based loss prevention
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Help bring reliability and predictability to critical wireless device connectivity—with reduced interference. Use cases include:

  • Connected medical devices
  • Mobile patient monitoring and elder care
  • AGVs and High Accuracy Indoor Positioning (HAIP)
  • Inventory control and placement
  • Data security
  • Near real-time mobile diagnostics and analysis
  • Video analytics and safety
  • Staff connectivity
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Enable smarter ways to control energy flow and support utility distribution applications with dedicated bandwidth and low latency. Use cases include:

  • Drone surveillance
  • Worker safety
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Smart grids
  • Power distribution automation
  • Machine learning and data analytics
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Oil, gas and mining

Help maintain a secure, robust network connection—even in remote locations and harsh conditions.

  • Autonomous and remote operated drilling
  • Surveillance videos and drone monitoring
  • High-precision positioning
  • Group communications
  • Preventative safety alerts
  • AR/VR staff training


Associated British Ports builds the port of the future.

Private 5G Network provides control, security and operating agility in one of the U.K.’s largest ports.

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White Paper

Connecting enterprises with Private 5G Network

The rapid advancement of connectivity solutions has given enterprises the ability to gain more comprehensive on-premises network coverage.

Apr 6, 2022 ,  5 min read

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Private Wireless Network powers game communications

Verizon’s Managed Private Wireless solution includes full in-game support for on-field coach-to-coach communications during the 2023 NFL season.

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Building the venue of the future, today

5G private networks enable venues to exceed audience expectations.

Aug 29, 2023

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Verizon Private 5G Network provides enhanced security, dedicated bandwidth and the flexibility to customize your network to meet specific business needs, including reliable and private connectivity.

It offers more flexible, robust and low-latency connectivity that is best suited for adverse environments—both inside and outside campus network coverage—and for use cases that require mobility and low latency.

To implement Verizon 5G Private Network, contact our experts who can help assess your requirements, design a tailored solution and manage the seamless deployment process for your organization.

Verizon Private 5G Network offers robust security with features like encryption and access control.

Yes, you can seamlessly integrate Verizon's Private 5G Network with your existing infrastructure, avoiding the need for a complete overhaul and enabling a smooth transition to enhanced connectivity.


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