Verizon Cloud Services and Solutions

  • Quickly interconnect to Verizon's Ecosystem or Equinix's Fabric of Cloud Service providers and applications around the globe.

  • Software Defined Interconnect (SDI) Access: quickly interconnects different access solutions, such as Private IP, Switched E-Line, Switched E-LAN, Dedicated E-Line, and your Equinix (ECX), across ECX to your network locations. 

    SDI Equinix Cloud Access: connects you to your preferred Cloud Service Provider via ECX and is a solution with any of the SDI accesses. CSP Interconnect supports most port speeds up to 10Gbps.

    Secure Cloud Interconnect (SCI): works in tandem with our Private IP Network, allowing you to access Cloud Service Providers globally up to 10Gbps.

  • Software Defined Interconnect (SDI) Access

  • Quickly interconnect your network faster.

    Verizon's Software Defined Interconnect access enables a customer's quick activation for their Network access services on a virtual layer 2 loop to most Equinix IBX data centers globally. Customers can activate a SDI connection by leveraging Equinix API’s and Verizon’s Private IP, Switched E-Line, Switched E-LAN, or Dedicated E-Line products. Our Software Defined Interconnect is a no touch provisioning process that will significantly lower telco access costs, enable connectivity faster, with provisioning timelines of days instead of weeks or months, and requires no truck rolls, NID, or BEAS boxes.

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  • SDI Equinix Cloud Access

  • Globally scale connectivity to the cloud.

    Verizon can help you access over 200 Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) globally located within Equinix facilities. We have done the heavy lifting by provisioning NNIs between Verizon and Equinix globally.  SDI utilizes software to make this interconnection happen quickly. Access in such situations can be a challenge, but Verizon and Equinix have worked closely together to overcome this – making it simple and less costly.

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  • Secure Cloud Interconnect (SCI)

  • Move to the Cloud with confidence.

    SCI works in tandem with Verizon's Private IP network. A virtual private network, Private IP uses secure, diverse, dynamically scaling, fully redundant connections up to 10GigE to link your customers’ business applications with their infrastructure, platform and business process cloud providers.

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  • The Verizon Advantage

  • We bring a lot to the table. As a wholesale service provider, Verizon Partner Solutions provides voice, data and internet solutions through our global Private IP network in more than 150 countries. We deliver high capacity and fast performance through standards-based 100 Gigabit Ethernet on our IP backbone network, and have more than 81 IP Nodes across 60 U.S. Cities.

    Your customers can benefit from a diverse portfolio of world-class networking solutions. Whether you’re a carrier, local provider, ISP, aggregator, reseller or content provider, we can help you deliver seamless and innovative local and global networking. Help your customers take advantage of our Data Networking, Access and Ethernet, Internet Access, IP Data, Optical Ring, Security, Voice and many more solutions. We’ve honed our strong Service Level Agreements (SLAs), technical expertise and customizable services to help you—our wholesale partners—deliver on your unique business goals.


  • We specialize in helping wholesale carriers, resellers and third-party agents of all sizes take on their customer’s biggest challenges.

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