Corporate Responsibility Report

We believe that our technology has the power to help people lead better lives, solve problems in new ways and create lasting value both for Verizon and for society. And when we use our resources to make the world a better place, we also create growth opportunities for Verizon. We call this virtuous cycle of value-creation shared success.

This year's report highlights how Verizon is creating shared success: providing young people in under resourced communities with the tools, skills and education resources needed to participate fully in the opportunities of the digital age; reducing our own carbon emissions, as well as helping our customers reduce theirs; ensuring our customers' privacy and data security; and driving best practices in diversity and inclusion, including employee pay equity.


Our focus

students reached
reduction in carbon intensity over the 2009 baseline
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Responsible products

We’re dedicated to promoting safe, secure and responsible digital citizenship, so that everyone can reap the benefits technology has to offer.