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Committed to
an open internet.

Access. Speed. Fair handling. Clear information. Quality of service

We provide consumers with choices and internet access when, where and how they want.

Our advanced broadband networks and services provide strong platforms for innovation for consumers, for Verizon and for other providers and users throughout the internet.

We invest billions every year so that consumers can continue to consume more of the internet content they want.

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Our network management and performance practices

  • Network management

    In this section, we provide information about our network management practices for our wireless, wired and Wi-Fi broadband internet access services.

  • Network performance

    View the performance you can expect to receive based on our internal testing, our testing commissioned from third-party vendors, and results from the latest government studies.

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Plans & pricing


Verizon offers competitive rates and pricing plans to help customers find the service that meets their needs and budget. Service specific pricing is provided in the links to the right.

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  • Terms and conditions

    When you use our technologies, you agree to certain terms, which can be found in this section. We also provide you with information about state-specific tariffs and an archive of network disclosures.

  • Privacy policies

    Verizon is committed to maintaining strong and meaningful privacy protections for customers. Our privacy policies are designed to inform you about the information we collect, how we use it, and your options about certain uses of information.

  • Consumer safety

    Take a moment to read up on important topics about your Verizon products, such as account security, emergency info and wireless issues.

  • Questions or concerns?

    Contact us if you have concerns or questions about the performance characteristics of these services, our terms of service or our management practices.