Voice and VoIP Services and Solutions

  • Offer a unified, carrier-grade platform to deliver voice and VoIP services.

  • Your customers need communications that can keep up with and adapt to technology innovation and disruption. Communication is at the core of what we do. That’s why we provide an array of voice and voice over IP (VoIP) services you can offer your customers to keep them and their business partners connected around the globe.

  • Inbound Services

  • Give customers the inbound calling flexibility and features they need.

    An intelligent network and comprehensive suite of inbound voice services can help your customers customize incoming toll-free call routing according to their specific business needs. Our advanced and enhanced call-routing features provide support with follow-the-sun routing capabilities. We offer excellent call performance and completion rates, multiple rating options, plus invoice and media delivery choices.

    With our global services, your customers can benefit from a virtual private network (VPN) and a reliable, feature-rich international voice toll-free service on a global network. Toll-free numbers, including Universal International Freephone Numbers, International Toll Free Numbers and Freephone, facilitate customers calling back to the United States from almost anywhere in the world and can be supported with our International Toll-Free Service.

  • Outbound Services

  • Verizon has the network and the reach to support your outbound calling needs.

    Whether your customers call across town or to the other side of the world, our Outbound Long Distance services offer efficient and cost-effective ways to connect their business. With termination available in over 250 countries, Verizon offers IP solutions to address every customer’s need. Outbound voice allows you to simplify the management of telecom expenses with web based ordering, streamlined invoicing, and online reporting options.

    Wholesale Outbound Voice services help control costs with expense management features that can easily track and allocate employee, client, department, or project expenses, ensures enhanced productivity with round-the-clock support, and allows termination to virtually every country in the world. Our Outbound IP solutions include the following: SIP Gateway Outbound and Global IP Connect. These IP solutions give your customers carrier-grade platforms for transporting reliable, high-quality VoIP media and IP sessions around the world. All of our Wholesale Outbound Services can help your customers control costs and boost productivity with round-the-clock, automated and self-service support.  

  • Local Services

  • Support your customers where they live and work.

    Our Local Services make it quick and easy to offer your customers the local and long distance services they need. Local Services are at the foundation of our solutions and allow carriers to complete their end-user calls to originate or terminate nationwide. Help customers transition from TDM to IP by offering packet-based telephony to their subscribers with our SIP Gateway Service. It’s a local and long-distance VoIP service that transports VoIP media between IP networks and the PSTN. It allows customers to quickly and easily offer packet-based telephony products and services to their subscribers.

  • The Verizon Advantage

  • We bring a lot to the table. As a wholesale service provider, Verizon Partner Solutions provides voice, data and internet solutions through our global Private IP network in more than 150 countries. We deliver high capacity and fast performance through standards-based 100 Gigabit Ethernet on our IP backbone network, and have more than 81 IP Nodes across 60 U.S. Cities.

    Your customers can benefit from a diverse portfolio of world-class networking solutions. Whether you’re a carrier, local provider, ISP, aggregator, reseller or content provider, we can help you deliver seamless and innovative local and global networking. Help your customers take advantage of our Data Networking, Access and Ethernet, Internet Access, IP Data, Optical Ring, Security, Voice and many more solutions. We’ve honed our strong Service Level Agreements (SLAs), technical expertise and customizable services to help you—our wholesale partners—deliver on your unique business goals.


  • We specialize in helping wholesale carriers, resellers and third-party agents of all sizes take on their customer’s biggest challenges.

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