Fiber to the Internet

  • Deliver more data,

  • Fiber to the Internet (FTTI) is a high-speed, fiber-based data transport service to enable Internet access. It includes the IP assignment, and transport of customers’ end-user data traffic from a Verizon-installed Optical Network Terminal (“ONT”) at the end user’s premises to the Internet.

    FTTI is a high-speed, fiber-based data service that enables Internet-only access for business end users of wholesale customers. Provisioning of the service includes shared fiber optic facilities, IP assignment and transport of the wholesale customer’s end-user data traffic from the end user’s premise to the public Internet. Performance levels, including transmission rate, throughput, and packet loss are highly reliable, but are not guaranteed.

    How does FTTI work?

    Built on Verizon’s lauded Fios fiber optic network, FTTI enables carriers to deliver superior fiber optic Internet connectivity all the way to the businesses they serve. FTTI enables carriers to offer 100% fiber optic Internet solutions right to the business premises.

Features and benefits

  • Less interference

    FTTI delivers the service using fiber, making FTTI less susceptible to interference, i.e. nearby power lines or high-voltage electrical equipment.

  • Speed

    FTTI is amazingly fast, providing symmetrical speeds up to 1Gbps. Plus, the fiber infrastructure that FTTI rides allows users to send data over much greater distances while maintaining speed.

  • 100% fiber optic network

    FTTI is provisioned on a 100% fiber optic network to the premise infrastructure.

  • The Verizon Advantage

  • We bring a lot to the table. As a wholesale service provider, Verizon Partner Solutions provides voice, data and internet solutions through our global Private IP network in more than 150 countries. We deliver high capacity and fast performance through standards-based 100 Gigabit Ethernet on our IP backbone network, and have more than 81 IP Nodes across 60 U.S. Cities.

    Your customers can benefit from a diverse portfolio of world-class networking solutions. Whether you’re a carrier, local provider, ISP, aggregator, reseller or content provider, we can help you deliver seamless and innovative local and global networking. Help your customers take advantage of our Data Networking, Access and Ethernet, Internet Access, IP Data, Optical Ring, Security, Voice and many more solutions. We’ve honed our strong Service Level Agreements (SLAs), technical expertise and customizable services to help you—our wholesale partners—deliver on your unique business goals.


  • We specialize in helping wholesale carriers, resellers and third-party agents of all sizes take on their customer’s biggest challenges.

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