DDoS Shield

  • Overview

  • The internet continues to grow in both size and speed. Residential gigabit connections are a reality, and smartphones can process more data faster thanks to the growth in mobile network access. The combination of increased bandwidth and proliferation of connected devices – many unsecured—expands the attack surface and potential for infiltration. This can result in larger, more frequent, and more sophisticated denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. For most businesses, this means that the threat of a DDoS attack seems inevitable, and these attacks are also increasingly paired with data breaches.

    If you become a victim, the trust your customers have in your security is weakened, potentially sending them to your competitors. DDoS attacks are a threat to your digital business and you need a mitigation plan. Protect internet-facing websites, applications, and infrastructure with Verizon DDoS Shield. 

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  • DDoS Shield is a cloud-based service that can tackle today’s sophisticated and high-volume DDoS attacks, working across your business environment to help you maintain your operations and achieve better peace of mind. Verizon can help you protect your reputation and maintain availability of your services for customers, partners and your workforce.

    The scale to beat future attacks

    The scale to beat future attacks. DDoS attacks continue to increase in size, with one of the largest recorded attacks reaching bandwidth of over 1TB per second. Attackers are using public cloud computing resources and millions of connected devices–increasingly in the Internet of Things—to create powerful botnets. The sophistication of attacks also continues to grow, as hackers find new ways to spoof IP addresses to deploy amplification attacks that don’t require botnets for a denial of service to be effective. Many cloud DDoS services simply can’t handle this kind of volume, but DDoS Shield leverages the massive ingress capacity of Verizon Digital Media Service’s infrastructure, developed expressly to combat these high volume attacks. Provided from the cloud, the service offers an ever-expanding mitigation capacity against current and future large-scale attacks. This alleviates the burden from your network and security perimeter systems, ensuring continued availability to your customers.

    Protection across carriers

    If you use a variety of service providers and carriers, setting up cloud based DDoS protection can be a challenge. Fortunately, DDoS Shield can protect your IP address space regardless of your internet service provider. No matter which network an attack comes over, you maintain routing control and activate our DDoS mitigation service when you need it.

    Intelligence-driven security

    Defending against DDoS attacks isn’t just about brute strength—you need the right intelligence to know how to discern bad traffic from good. For almost 15 years, we’ve engineered and operated a global platform that successfully detects and mitigates potential DDoS attacks. We continuously scan the traffic on our worldwide IP network—one of the world’s largest—for irregular patterns. With DDoS Shield, you get these security experts working for you. In a DDoS attack you risk loss of revenue and downtime, but the biggest danger may be to your reputation. Don’t give customers a reason to doubt the strength of your security defenses. Get DDoS mitigation services with the scale and sophistication to meet today’s attacks, protect your brand and keep your services and applications available to power your business.

Features and benefits

DDoS Shield offers a highly-scalable attack mitigation service that helps you tackle today’s sophisticated and high volume DDoS attacks. It works across a business environment to alleviate the burden on your network and perimeter systems, and helps maintain continued availability to your customers. Other features and benefits include:

  • Core Features

    • Detects and mitigates DDoS attacks
    • Highly scalable
    • 24x7 expert support
    • Protection across carriers (carrier agnostic)
    • Easy-to-manage portal
    • Flexible, cost-effective service model 
  • Key Benefits

    • Defends against even the largest recorded DDoS traffic volumes
    • Minimizes client downtime and likely reduces costly impacts of attacks
    • Ensures business continuity by allowing legitimate transactions to be processed
    • Flexible pricing model with cloud-based service eliminates surprise charges
    • Easy-to-manage portal
  • The Verizon Advantage

  • We bring a lot to the table. As a wholesale service provider, Verizon Partner Solutions provides voice, data and internet solutions through our global Private IP network in more than 150 countries. We deliver high capacity and fast performance through standards-based 100 Gigabit Ethernet on our IP backbone network, and have more than 81 IP Nodes across 60 U.S. Cities.

    Your customers can benefit from a diverse portfolio of world-class networking solutions. Whether you’re a carrier, local provider, ISP, aggregator, reseller or content provider, we can help you deliver seamless and innovative local and global networking. Help your customers take advantage of our Data Networking, Access and Ethernet, Internet Access, IP Data, Optical Ring, Security, Voice and many more solutions. We’ve honed our strong Service Level Agreements (SLAs), technical expertise and customizable services to help you—our wholesale partners—deliver on your unique business goals.


  • We specialize in helping wholesale carriers, resellers and third-party agents of all sizes take on their customer’s biggest challenges.

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