VPS Decommissioning


Application Programming Interface (API)

Verizon Partner Solutions’ plans in 2022 to discontinue supporting certain quoting, ordering and billing systems for both portal (online) and API requests and transition to new systems.

Communications related to these efforts can be found within the information below.

Monthly Highlights

December 2022

Global Wholesale Pricing (GWP) will not be available on or after January 1, 2023.  

Customers and vendors using the current GWP API will be required to transition to the Verizon Partner Solutions Exchange Quoting API.

This process will require modification to your API and may take several months to complete. Our team will guide you through this process in order to achieve a smooth transition.

Please refer to the notice posted here to get more details.


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Please contact Verizon at vz.vps.api.team@verizon.com to obtain the technical specifications and begin planning your migration.