IoT Network Solutions

Choose from a broad array of connectivity technologies to match your IoT solutions’ cost, speed, power, latency and coverage needs.


Low power

Our LTE for Category M1 and Narrow Band IoT technologies address your needs for deep coverage and low power consumption.

High response

5G Edge delivers high speed and low latency for IoT devices with near-immediate response requirements.


Verizon builds robust security into all of its IoT network technologies. Plus, you can ramp up IoT security even higher with our Private 5G Network.


LTE for Category M1 & Narrow Band Technologies

Use our dedicated communication technologies for IoT applications.

Private 5G Network

Meet the growing demands of automation and more with a secure, high-speed, low-latency network.


5G for machine-to-machine (M2M) enables near real-time access to IoT data, helping your business realize the full potential of IoT technology. With three price plans to choose from, you can optimize spend based on your data consumption needs.

50 GB

5G Ultra Wideband Account Share 50 GB

Per month.
Overage: $5 per GB

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100 GB

5G Ultra Wideband Account Share 100 GB

Per month.
Overage: $5 per GB

Log into your account using code 61458 to get this deal


200 GB

5G Ultra Wideband Account Share 200 GB

Per month.
Overage: $5 per GB

Log into your account using code 61464 to get this deal


Customer success story

How Verizon’s CAT-M1 delivered for HappyOrNot

The power-saving mode features in Verizon’s CAT-M1 network helped HappyOrNot deliver a seamless user experience and best-in-class IoT network coverage for its IoT Smiley Terminals.


White Paper

Network intelligence for managing 5G-enabled Massive IoT

Network intelligence can help avoid unexpected surprises and can help unlock IoT’s potential value.

Mar 28, 2022 ,  10 min read

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New business incubation

Our New Business Incubation works to accelerate the symbiotic relationship between humans and machines through the orchestration of Industry 4.0 platforms and services.

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How 5G is helping the South Carolina economy

The University of South Carolina McNair Center connects businesses and students with cutting-edge technology like 5G to help shape future economic opportunity.

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Looking for cost-effective, secure IoT connectivity options?

Verizon NB-IoT combines network services, modules & the ThingSpace management platform to help support your low-power wide area network (LPWAN) IoT applications.

Dec 7, 2018

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The network is a foundational asset that enables IoT solutions. Without secure, reliable connectivity, IoT is not possible. From Narrowband IoT for low-demand applications to the power of 5G and MEC, the choices available at Verizon allow you to select the right technology for your business needs. Plus, we offer a broad choice of technologies to match your IoT solution needs in terms of cost, speed, power, latency and coverage.

With Verizon, you can choose a technology that supports the demands of your applications, such as data rate technology like NB-IoT or a high-data-rate, low-latency one like MEC-powered 5G.

Verizon offers:

  • Two low-power wide area network technologies, NB-IoT and LTE-M, which are especially suited for applications that require deep coverage and low power consumption
  • Traditional 4G/LTE, which supports mobility and higher data rates (typically 5 to 10 Mbps with a theoretical maximum of 100 Mbps) for use cases such as connected car applications, retail and point-of-sale solutions, asset management, and others
  • Newer 5G and MEC technologies that can deliver high data rates with very low latency for mission-critical applications such as ultra high d definition (UHD) video surveillance, mixed-reality gaming, robotics, smart manufacturing and autonomous vehicles. In addition to high data rates and low latency, 5G is also designed to support massive sensorization by accommodating a large density of devices in a single area

The proliferation of connected devices exposes the network to cyberthreats, making security a major concern. The Verizon suite of security products and solutions addresses these concerns in a layered approach:

  • At the user level, we provide a top layer of user authentication to prevent hackers and malicious code from accessing your IoT solution and ecosystem
  • At the application level, Verizon provides transport-level security for device protection regardless of provider
  • Verizon solutions also provide for a layer of data protection to prevent unauthorized users from accessing and/or viewing your data
  • At the device level, solutions like SIM Secure provide endpoint security by uniquely tying a SIM card to a device, helping to prevent SIM swapping, theft and misuse

The Verizon Open Development program allows OEMs and manufacturers of chipsets, modules, development kits and other hardware products to apply to Verizon for certification of their devices, which will ensure that they operate correctly on the Verizon network as well as the ThingSpace IoT Platform.


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