Condition Based Maintenance

Smarter devices. Better performance.

What it is

Condition Based Maintenance enables you to proactively monitor a piece of equipment on a web-based platform for greater visibility.

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Connected sensors

Sensors take readings at set intervals and transmit data to the cloud via an LTE-enabled gateway.

Advanced data analytics

Data is collected, organized and reported across systems for optimizing machine performance in the cloud.

Near real-time alert monitoring

Automated alerts based on set predefined thresholds are sent in near real time to enhance visibility, prevent costly downtime and mitigate risk.

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Repair equipment, rather than replace it.


Reduce repairs

Reduce emergency repairs and truck rolls.

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Build loyalty

Keep equipment running smoothly and consistently. 

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Enable revenue

Enable new services and connected device offerings.

Why choose us


per acre-foot is the median cost of water savings from leak management.1


faster market growth was experienced by cold chain medicines as compared to the total market between 2017 and 2022.2


in potential lower cost for optimal supplemental greenhouse lighting through IoT technologies.3

Remote monitoring solutions

Cold chain

Enhance visibility, safety and control throughout the supply chain.


Optimize operations with advanced remote monitoring.


Maintain optimal conditions for flower and plant growth.


Enhance performance and efficiency of heating and cooling systems.


Identify warning signs for proactive damage control.


Track the environmental conditions in and around your most valuable inventory.


Mitigate waste by tracking advanced fill, pressure and temperature levels.


Protect your perishables from spoilage.

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The world of Condition Based Maintenance

Learn how the Internet of Things (IoT) is helping manufacturers turn predictability into productivity.

Mar 26, 2018 ,  3 min read

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Solutions Brief

Transform reactive operations into proactive ones.

Remotely monitor any equipment with an embedded module.

May 19, 2020,  3 min read

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Case Study

Condition Based Maintenance in action

Water management companies need a better solution to keep tabs on tower components and how well they are operating.

Mar 27, 2018,  2 min read

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Advanced IoT solutions from Verizon

Verizon Condition Based Maintenance solutions simplify remote monitoring of critical systems, products and equipment.

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Customer Success Story

Frazil IoT success story

Discover how retailer Frazil used Verizon IoT solutions to keep its slushie machines running and customers happy.

Jan 10, 2022,  9 min read

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Condition-based monitoring delivers critical visibility into any equipment. That means you can now proactively monitor a piece of equipment on any device —including consumer products, healthcare equipment, security cameras, digital signage, robotics, manufacturing tools and more—with a reliable, secure, remote management solution.

Condition Based Maintenance is an IoT platform as a service that uses streaming data from sensors to help you monitor assets in near real time, enabling you to assess conditions, recognize warning signs, deliver alerts and automatically trigger maintenance.

Verizon Condition Based Maintenance solutions simplify edge monitoring of critical systems, products and equipment. These preconfigured, quick-to-deploy solutions help you head off bigger problems through a highly secure and scalable remote monitoring system. You’ll have proactive monitoring and enhanced visibility of machinery, consumer products, security cameras, factory tools—virtually anything fitted with edge computing or IoT-based maintenance sensors and connected through LTE-enabled gateways.

1 “Untapped potential: leak reduction is the most cost-effective urban water management tool,” IOPscience, February 24, 2022, licensed under CC BY 4.0, rearranged text to fit format.

2 “Pharma’s Frozen Assets: Cold chain medicines,” IQVIA, 2023.

3 “Development and Implementation of an IoT-Enabled Optimal and Predictive Lighting Control Strategy in Greenhouses,” Plants, December 2, 2021, licensed under CC BY 4.0, extracted text from abstract.


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