GPS fleet tracking software

Our GPS fleet tracking software can help businesses improve productivity and efficiency while also uncovering potential cost savings.

What it is

Get a near real-time, 360-degree view of your fleet’s daily operations.

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Increase fleet visibility

Better fleet visibility helps you take stock of what your assets are and how they are being used. Our fleet management technology such as GPS fleet tracking software can help businesses keep track of their assets while also maximizing resource utilization.

Analyze your fleet's performance

See important trends by team, department or across the entire fleet. Our customizable dashboards make it easy to review your progress towards KPIs or budgets, with near real-time fleet analytics provided by our GPS fleet tracking software.


See the status and activity of all your fleet vehicles.

High-resolution maps with smart clustering and detail on demand provide a simple yet powerful GPS fleet tracking solution.

Get more done with fewer resources.

Our GPS fleet tracking software can help you reduce costs, increase productivity, stay on top of vehicle maintenance, and make the most of every business day.

Promote safety with driver tracking.

Connect driver and commercial vehicle tracking data to locate your crew and help coach them on safe driving behaviors.

Trusted by fleets large and small.

Verizon Connect Fleet Dash customers

Customer success story

GCI Slingers Grows Efficiency with Fleet Metrics

“With Verizon Connect, I was able to implement the metrics that I wanted to control my job cost and profit.”

Travis Pettijohn, Owner, GCI Slingers and Gravel Conveyors


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Enterprise GPS tracking software for large fleets

Organizations with hundreds or thousands of resources need more options, customizations, support and training. We partner with enterprise fleets to offer a GPS fleet tracking solution that works for your business.

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Fleet tracking is a management system that uses GPS to monitor the activity of tracked assets (vehicles, workers, equipment). It is often referred to as vehicle tracking or AVL. The fleet is generally a collection of land-based assets such as cars, trucks, field workers and equipment (powered and unpowered e.g. trailers).

Fleet tracking uses telematics technology to collect data from a fleet of assets. This data is normally collected in near real time (actively) so it is more useful for fleet managers, who use the data to make strategic decisions about operations (which vehicle should I dispatch to a new job, where is the nearest crane, how many generators do we have in the yard, has my lone worker returned from the jobsite etc).

We supply standard GPS tracking units that are wired directly into the tracked asset, allowing the device to be hidden to help prevent tampering, as well as being compatible with vehicles or equipment that don’t have an OBD port.

In most cases it depends on the reasons why you want to use it, and how you explain it to them. If you want to use it to improve the efficiency, security and safety of your business, and help mobile workers to get more done, with less paperwork and phone calls, then most employees will understand that. They’ll also appreciate you’re making an effort to keep the business profitable and improving their job security. If they think it’s been done because you don’t trust them then they may not be as welcoming.

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) have replaced paper HOS logbooks and are now legally required by commercial drivers. We offer a range of ELD solutions and have several devices certified with the FMCSA.

No. The great thing with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is that all you need is a computer that can connect to the internet running a modern browser.

You can even use just your Android or Apple device to access key information about your fleet vehicles and today’s jobs.

There are lots of GPS tracking providers who only sell one thing. It means if you need something else for your fleet – ELD, route planning, dispatch, work order management – then you need to go through the whole selection process again and deal with another supplier. And then if you want these different solutions to talk to each other, that’s a whole other conversation.

Verizon Connect is one of the few providers that can provide you with a full end-to-end platform solution that covers your mobile resource management needs now, and into the future.

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