IoT applications

Unlock the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) with complete, end-to-end solutions to fit your organization’s needs.


Driving efficiency

IoT applications can deliver operational data in near real time, helping you to react more quickly to changing conditions and make better-informed decisions based on up-to-date information.

Controlling costs

Using IoT applications in your operations can help you control costs by automating processes, improving resource utilization, and managing workforces and equipment more effectively.

Deepening insights

IoT can provide you with actionable intelligence from all across your organization, giving you deeper insights and greater visibility into your operations.

Condition Based Maintenance

Use IoT remote monitoring tools to help keep equipment operating in peak shape.

Asset Tracking Solutions

Near real-time visibility into asset data can help drive business improvements and reduce loss.

Vehicle Lab

Our scalable network and technology platforms help drive innovation and continued evolution. So, for the connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles of today—and for whatever tomorrow brings—you’ll be ready to lead the way.

Connected Vehicle Wi-Fi

Our in-vehicle Wi-Fi plans for eligible vehicles let everyone stay connected on the road with an unlimited data plan. Unlock the power of best-in-class Verizon connectivity and enjoy infotainment, music, mobile hotspot and a lot more in your vehicle.

Verizon Connect: fleet management software and solutions

Track vehicles in the field, streamline maintenance, increase worker productivity and prioritize safe driving.

Grid Wide Intelligent Energy

Modernize your energy grid with an IoT-based solution that enables you to remotely configure, monitor and manage endpoints in  your service areas for greater visibility and control.

Grid Wide Intelligent Lighting

Sustainable solutions that help give businesses and local governments full control over their lighting infrastructures.

Grid Wide Intelligent Video

24/7 visibility with less time and effort.

Customer success story

Condition detection system helps mitigate risk.

Floorcloud lays the groundwork for construction industry innovation with Verizon Asset Tracking solutions.



The new world of Condition Based Maintenance

Learn how IoT is helping manufacturers gain operational insights, differentiate their businesses and turn predictability into productivity.

Mar 26, 2018 ,  3 min read

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Discover the benefits of asset tracking.

GPS asset tracking can do more for your business than you might think, especially with solutions and help from the experts from Verizon.

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Four smart-energy technologies powering the future of utilities

From smart homes to smart cities, the world now depends on a constant energy source to live and work, making energy reliability more imperative than ever.

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