IoT Platform and Services

Power every step of your IoT journey from prototype to enterprise-ready with our comprehensive portfolio of tools and services.


One-stop IoT

Our end-to-end IoT platform and services support your IoT solutions through the ThingSpace Ready acceleration program from device certification to activation, management, analysis, and monetization.

Simplified management

Our ThingSpace Manage self-service portal makes it easy to manage your IoT devices and their connections no matter their location.

Quick start

Use our ThingSpace IoT Marketplace to select and purchase SIM cards and connectivity plans, as well as find and purchase certified IoT hardware from our partners.

Solutions and services

ThingSpace Platform

Leverage our tools and resources to build IoT solutions and solve business problems.

ThingSpace Marketplace

Purchase, activate and manage your devices online on a self-serve digital portal without having to contact a sales rep.

IoT Professional and Managed Services

Enjoy pre- and post-IoT implementation white-glove support and services to help manage complex implementations without adding more staff and resources.

IoT Security Credentialing

Stay productive and protected with application and device security services.

Verizon Partner Network

Experience the transformative power of our portfolio of technology solutions and cobranded marketing materials.

Customer success stories

Frazil transforms retailer experience.

Verizon ThingSpace helped Frazil automate connectivity and device management for its dispersed retail customers’ slush-drink machines.

HappyOrNot leverages Verizon for IoT connectivity.

HappyOrNot chose Verizon’s Cat-M1 network and other IoT technologies to deliver a seamless user experience and best-in-class IoT network coverage.


ThingSpace Intelligence Services

Thingspace Intelligence Services uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to identify anomalies, simplifying security and management of IoT devices and networks, as well as optimizing costs.


Grow your IoT solutions in a DIY digital marketplace.

The Verizon ThingsSpace Marketplace helps you find what you need to create complete IoT solutions, while helping your bottom line.

Mar 31, 2021

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White Paper

Network intelligence—a must for managing 5G-enabled massive IoT

ThingSpace Intelligence combines network intelligence with IoT solutions to help provide greater context into your business operations.

Mar 28, 2022 ,  10 min read

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In the last few years, there has been explosive growth for connected devices in a number of personal and business applications. When devices connect to one another and to people using networks, analytics and artificial intelligence, it results in what is commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT growth continues with an expanding number of use cases in a wide variety of industries, such as security, automation, remote healthcare, autonomous vehicles and more. A few examples of Verizon IoT-driven offerings include Asset Tracking, Intelligent Lighting and Condition Based Maintenance.

The ThingSpace IoT Platform by Verizon allows you to connect, activate and manage the life cycle of your IoT devices in a self-serve digital manner designed to scale to the massive number of endpoints created by IoT solutions.

The ThingSpace IoT Platform helps you to better manage the life cycle of IoT solutions with services such as firmware over the air (FOTA).


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