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Check your order status

Easily track your orders to completion.

View and accept your online quote

View and process your online quotes with more speed and accuracy than email.

Add new service

Add service - Buy again

View and copy active services to order at a new location.

Add service - Add product

Browse our product catalog by category to request additional service

Add a Verizon VoIP location

Step-by-step instructions to help you add a VoIP Location

Change your service

Add or remove Verizon VoIP concurrent calls

Add concurrent call paths to allow a greater number of calls through your network.

Remove Verizon VoIP Telephone Numbers

This user guide shows you the steps to remove VoIP telephone numbers. Those numbers will then be fully disconnected and no longer part of your Enterprise and Location configuration.

Change my existing service

Make a change to an existing service, such as adding or removing a feature or upgrading or downgrading a service.

Disconnect your service

Disconnect or cease service

Disconnect or cease services, such as: closing an office, removing some or all services at a location, or removing telephone numbers.