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Business Digital Voice

International Calling for Businesses

Get low per-minute international rates.

It's never been easier to contact customers, anywhere in the world. Simply add an International Calling plan to any of our phone packages.


Plus a low per minute usage rate, line charges, taxes, and fees

Get Started

To add international calling, you first need a calling package

Great for your business if:

  • You make 2 or more international calls per month.
  • You prefer low, flat monthly rates for your international calls, 24/7.
  • You already have one of our Long Distance plans.
    International calls and monthly charges contribute to minimum
    spending levels on those plans.What's a minimum spending level?

With International Calling, you'll enjoy:

  • Easy Dialing—simply dial 011+country code+number, as
    you always have.
  • 6-second billing after the first 18-seconds.
  • Rates substantially lower than our basic international rates
    to more than 250 countries around the world.
For more advanced features, see the product guide

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