Network Security Solutions

Optimize your security operations with a comprehensive and proven portfolio of managed and professional security services and solutions.


Secure connectivity

Employ network embedded security capabilities across the end-to-end Verizon (5G, Network) spectrum.

Detection and response

Deep network visibility and tech partner integrations provide faster and higher-fidelity detection and response to threats.

Risk and compliance

Identify, assess, quantify and manage risk, compliance, threats and vulnerabilities with world-class threat intelligence and global network visibility.

Organizations rely on a complex weave of networks and clouds. We understand that complexity better than almost anyone and can help protect your network and applications from attacks, enforce policies and help keep your data safe whether you’re working in the office or remotely.

Zero Trust Dynamic Access

Protect users, devices and locations with cloud-based secure access tools.

SASE Management

Manage security tools in a fully implemented network.

Help identify and respond to advanced cyberattacks with a leader in managed security services. We offer cloud-based technologies, around-the-clock detection and incident response that can evolve to help meet the threats you face.

Managed Detection and Response

Help close security gaps with 24/7 cybersecurity expertise.

Network Detection and Response

Achieve visibility into network packet data with a cloud-delivered platform.

Augment your existing security platforms and personnel with seasoned analysts and actionable intelligence. Help improve your cybersecurity with security monitoring, security analytics, alerts and customizable services from our Security Operations Center (SOC) experts.

Advanced Security Operations Center

Help monitor potential threats with a tailored security service.

Managed Security Information and Management (SIEM)

Help secure your system with accurate threat assessment data.

A connection to the web is essential—but that doesn’t mean you should let the web be a tool for cyberattackers. Protect your web applications and connected devices so you can continue to operate while limiting risks.

As the number of mobile devices across businesses continues to grow, so does the ever-evolving variety of apps required for day-to-day operations. That creates new and evolving security challenges to protect sensitive data against bad actors. Mobile Threat Defense solutions help you reduce risk and protect your devices, apps and data against these threats. 

Gain detailed visibility and management of smartphones, tablets and hotspots in mobile environments without compromising user experience, data security or privacy.

Complying with SEC disclosure rules

Find out more about recently adopted cybersecurity disclosure regulations from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and how Verizon can help publicly traded companies and CISOs fulfill their obligations.

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