Security and protection

Whether protecting a single store or a global network, you need security solutions that are simple to use but sophisticated enough to keep modern cyberthreats at bay. 

  • Don’t leave your data, assets and reputation at risk.

  • New cyberthreats emerge every day. Understand exactly what risks you face, and get help protecting your business by leveraging our more than 25 years of security experience. Whether you’re a global Fortune 1000 business or an organization with only a few employees, we offer cybersecurity solutions to help protect you from the edge to the cloud.

  • Mobile device & endpoint security

  • Proliferating mobile devices make for far too many opportunities for cyberattacks. Mobile security solutions from Verizon and our partners can help you manage and secure your devices and endpoints. 

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  • Verizon Mobile Device Management (MDM)

    MDM solutions from Verizon and our partners make it easier to control, secure and enforce policies on your mobile devices, so your data is protected and your workforce is productive.

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  • Mobile threat defense

    We’ve teamed up with leaders in mobile threat defense technologies and services to help you streamline and protect mobility across your business.

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  • Network & cloud security

  • Organizations today rely on a complex weave of networks and clouds. We know that complexity better than almost anyone and can help protect your network and applications from attacks, enforce policies and help keep your data safe whether you’re working in the office or remotely. 

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  • SASE Management

    Verizon offers the networking and security expertise needed to
    implement an adaptive, enterprise-grade secure access service
    edge (SASE) environment.

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  • DDoS Shield

    Mitigate the effects of unexpected and unpredictable distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

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  • Cyber risk management

  • Inadequate cyber risk management leaves the door open to disaster. Get help effectively and proactively minimizing your risk with access to more than 25 years of experience and experts stationed around the globe.

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  • Cyber Risk Monitoring

    This risk assessment and management tool gives you the data you need to enhance risk visibility and identify gaps.

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  • Governance, risk & compliance

    Address regulatory, compliance and stakeholder requirements with cybersecurity assessments, payment card industry assessments, penetration testing and more.

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  • Incident response & investigation

  • Responding quickly to cybersecurity incidents can help reduce damages. We have options to help your organization proactively prepare, rapidly respond and more quickly recover from incidents of all kinds.

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  • Rapid Response Retainer

    Engage incident response capabilities customized to your cyber risk profile.

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  • Incident Response Planning

    Anticipate challenges, amplify effectiveness and streamline decision-making processes. 

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  • Advanced Security Operations Center Services

  • Augment your existing security platforms and personnel with our analysts and actionable intelligence. Receive detailed monitoring, analytics and alerting done by our security experts to help improve your overall security.

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  • Advanced Security Operations Center

    Get actionable information from events collected in near real-time. Detect anomalies and have the most imminent threats escalated for action.

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  • Managed Security Incident and Event Management

    Leverage a tailored operational model to integrate Verizon security and intelligence capabilities with your own security incident and event management (SIEM) solution.

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  • Identity & access management

  • By simplifying access controls, permissions and account provisioning, we can help you protect your critical information and resources from unauthorized access—and provide your people and devices frictionless access to what they need.

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  • Verizon ID

    Get identity management that combines distributed ledger technology, multifactor authentication and biometrics into a user-transparent process. 

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  • Integrated PKI Authentication

    A Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) platform to help secure your network architecture.

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  • Managed detection and response services

  • Get help protecting your organization with a leader in managed security services. We offer cloud-based technologies, around-the-clock detection and incident response that can evolve to meet the threats you face.

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  • Managed Detection and Response

    Use advanced technologies combined with human expertise to identify, notify and quickly respond to major security incidents.

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  • Network Detection and Response

    Perform near real-time and retrospective threat detection and visualization with our full packet-capture solution delivered from the cloud.

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  • Web Security

  • A connection to the web is essential—but that doesn’t mean you should let the web be a tool for cyberattackers. Protect your web applications and connected devices so that you can continue to operate while limiting risks.

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  • Web Application Firewall

    Minimize downtime and potential vulnerabilities caused by cyberattacks or changes in web applications.

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  • Bot Management

    Help protect your web and mobile apps and application programming interface (API) endpoints from bot-based threats, including fraudulent activity that can result in lost revenue.

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  • Tech Support Services

  • Keep your business running and help control costs with reliable tech support services and maintenance plans.

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  • Total Mobile Protection

    Get your business back up and running quickly when your mobile devices are lost, stolen or damaged or have a post-warranty defect.

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  • TechTeam for Internet

    Verizon Fios and Basic Internet customers can get 24/7 live support from tech experts.

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Featured security for small businesses

As small businesses use more cloud- and web-based tools, they’re exposed to opportunistic cyberattacks designed to snare victims of any size. We have solutions specially designed to help, because no business is too small for protection.

  • Business Internet Secure

    Get a powerful bundle of security tools that combines antivirus software with internet security and 24/7 security tech support for the bundle.

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  • Business Mobile Secure

    Learn more about this bundle of easy-to-use mobile device security tools for small and medium-sized businesses. 

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Complying with SEC disclosure rules

Find out more about recently adopted cybersecurity disclosure regulations from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and how Verizon can help publicly traded companies and CISOs fulfill their obligations.

The Small Business Security Podcast

It’s time to empower your small business against a world full of ever-changing digital threats. Join this limited series with host David Grady, Verizon’s Chief Security Evangelist, to gain the tools and insights you need to properly secure your business.

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Security knowledge galore

Take further advantage of our security expertise with these additional resources.

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