Security and protection for business

Help safeguard assets and operations with these mobile security and data security solutions that can work to build resilience in your organization against network-level threats and manage device endpoint protections. 

Mobile endpoint management

Mobile device management solutions make it easier to give employees the reliable “anytime” connectivity they need to stay productive, while keeping your data protected, all managed through a single portal.

Verizon Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Verizon MDM solutions integrate enterprise firmware over-the-air (FOTA) management, device diagnostics and endpoint management into a single, unified and intuitive user experience for wireless devices.

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  • Customize


    Manage and monitor your mobile devices—and wipe business data—through one portal.

  • Shield


    Use advanced authentication, address compliance requirements and scan for viruses.

IBM MaaS360

Gain detailed visibility, access and control of smartphones and tablets without compromising the user experience, data security or privacy.

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  • Graph


    Brings together cognitive insights, contextual analytics and cloud-sourced benchmarking leveraging Watson Machine Learning

  • Mobile phone


    Provides end-to-end management with strong security to make going mobile easier

MobileIron RED

The MobileIron® RED bundle for smaller organizations offers robust unified endpoint management (UEM) and mobile security in one full-featured solution.

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  • Buildings


    Offers a portfolio of solutions that help secure your mobile infrastructure and support your growing business needs

  • Device protection


    Provides a UEM framework that can protect data from mobile threats and enables secure access to business resources

Samsung Knox Manage

Boost efficiency and protect sensitive data across your fleet of mobile devices with a cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform.

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  • Laptop controls


    Easily enroll and remotely manage devices using different operating systems.



  • Cross device targeting


    Seamlessly secure and control devices based on policies and predefined events.

Endpoint protection

Protect devices and systems at the point of attack, whether that's a laptop, smartphone or your cloud locations.

Business Internet Secure for Fios

With 24/7 security tech support, this powerful suite of security tools combines antivirus software with internet security, giving you a level of protection that goes beyond traditional antivirus solutions alone to help protect mobile devices and PCs on your network.

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  • Secure Wireless


    Dynamic protection for both network and devices helps protect against cyberthreats.

  • Security alert


    Predictive antivirus software provides alerts before a threat becomes a serious attack.

DNS Safeguard

Automatically block computers and other devices from accessing threat-filled parts of the internet.

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  • Shield


    Shield your network from internet threats, including malware, phishing, ransomware and bots.

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  • Laptop security enforcement


    Easily enforce company-wide internet policies with customized content blocking.

Verizon Cloud

Back up your files to the cloud and share them securely from your computer or smartphone.

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  • Laptop protection


    Get secure access to your data on your devices from anywhere in the world you have an internet connection.

  • Shield


    Secure your data with password protection and data encryption, including SSL security.

Dark web hunting

Get early detection of adversarial activity against your organization to help preempt and mitigate cyberattacks.

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  • Data


    Intelligence analysts link, associate and correlate industry-specific threat activity.

  • Mobile Search


    We hunt remotely on your behalf so you can reduce exposure to threats.


Help close security gaps as you manage data mobility across your organization.

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  • Device protection


    Employees can remain on the go while Lookout®Mobile Endpoint Security seamlessly secures mobile devices.

  • Mobile apps


    Set policies to mitigate risks of data leaks.


The insight and control you need to better manage your mobile data, control costs and improve productivity.

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  • Pie chart


    Gather analytics on data usage on both the aggregate and individual level.

  • White list and Black list


    Create policies that effectively filter or block certain activities and manage the ways devices can be used.

Network security

From proactive assessments to on-the-ready security expertise, Verizon offers solutions that help protect against attacks on your network.

Rapid Response Retainer

Work with our dedicated team to help prepare for cyberattacks and investigate network breaches.

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  • Security expertise


    Work with our team of highly trained security experts to plan your defense against possible attacks, raise cyber awareness and learn how to efficiently manage your risk.

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  • Black star


    Rely on our expert incident response support. Our incident hotline is open 24/7 and our teams operate around the globe.

ICSA Labs Certification

ICSA Labs has been providing credible, independent, third-party product assurance for end users and enterprises for more than 30 years.

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  • Customers


    Our dedicated team of professionals prioritizes outstanding customer service.

  • Paper with checkmark


    We can help customers attain testing and certification goals.

Cybersecurity assessments

Identify your cyber risks before undetected vulnerabilities can harm your business.

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  • Search


    Access expertise deeply grounded in advanced security frameworks.

  • Secure Wireless


    Protect your network from emerging threats and known dangers on the internet.


You can maintain reliable, high-quality connectivity with the NetMotion® mobile VPN that helps you stay connected even when your coverage may be spotty.

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  • Device protection


    Connect with confidence to a VPN built to some of the highest encryption and performance standards.

  • Bar chart


    Seamlessly switch to networks with better bandwidth if they’re available.

Verizon Wireless Private Network

Extend your network to your employees’ mobile devices and to your cloud—while maintaining security and device management control.

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  • Lock


    Keep information protected with secure data transmissions.

  • Checklist


    Maintain predictable application performance.

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